Thug Screams ‘F Donald Trump!’… Then He Does the Unthinkable to Cop

Thug Screams ‘F Donald Trump!’… Then He Does the Unthinkable to Cop

People like to drink on New Year’s Eve. It’s a night to celebrate… but if you can’t hold your liquor, then maybe getting hammered isn’t the best idea. This 20 year-old punk just found that out the hard way, when he got drunk, screamed profanities and then after getting arrested, tried to do something really ridiculous.


Joseph Murphy was at Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida early in the morning on New Year’s Day. Police noticed that he seemed to be drunk and when they approached him, they noticed that he reeked of alcohol. So they put him in handcuffs and arrested him for public intoxication. Murphy… did not take it well.

As the officers began to place him in the back of the cruiser, Murphy began to scream obscenities at them. Once inside the cruiser, he began banging his head against the back of the partition over and over again, and then began yelling about police brutality. He also yelled, “F*** Donald Trump!” to the officers.

Once Murphy got to the Orange County Jail, it only got worse. He not only urinated on the floor, but he also began to urinate on one of the officers, leaving a large wet spot on the officer’s pants. So no longer was he just in trouble for public intoxication — his charges were upgraded to battery against an officer, indecent exposure of sexual organs and resisting an officer.

Maybe next time, he’ll think about refraining from hitting the bottle, since clearly, he can’t handle himself at all.

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