Thugs Beat White Woman And Girl Over Fried Chicken, Then Get EPIC Dose Of Justice [VIDEO]

Thugs Beat White Woman And Girl Over Fried Chicken, Then Get EPIC Dose Of Justice [VIDEO]

After being caught on video beating a woman and her daughter, a 28 year old woman and a 45 year-old male are now pleading guilty in court.

In Georgia at the end of June of this year, Nathaniel and Latasha Smith beat a restaurant owner and her daughter after Latasha complained about the quality of the food at the Qwik Chick in Baxley, Georgia.

After police released the surveillance footage, people called in with their tips and the Smiths turned themselves in on July 5th, presumably because they wanted to enjoy the Fourth of July first before answering to their crimes. Last Friday, they were back in court to plead guilty to aggravated assault and cruelty to children, according to the District Attorney. Their case had to be moved to a different county due to the massive wash of negative publicity. Their guilty pleas have been accepted and they will be sentenced soon.

Speaking to police, Jeanette Norris said that she had initially granted a refund on the order when Latasha complained that her food was cold and that she hadn’t been given enough fries. Even after the refund, Latasha “remained agitated” and started to beat the windows on the store front. When Norris went outside to let the couple know that she had called the police, Latasha approached Norris and began to beat her.

Even worse, Nathaniel didn’t just stand by and let his wife beat the woman, he delivered a punch square to the face of Norris’ 15 year-old daughter, knocking her back. In the footage below you can see the teenager get back up again (tough girl!), but within a few seconds, two other women appear, one of whom begins to comfort the girl who was later diagnosed with a concussion. Both mother and daughter had black eyes as a result of the incident.

Speaking to a local news outlet, the Chief of Police James Godfrey said that it was “pure brutality” and he had never seen anything like it in all of his 41 years as an officer.

When we first reported on this right after the footage was released, we noted that Norris said that the two had gone “berserk” and praised the amazing responses she was getting from social media that helped to nab these two criminals.

And finally, here’s a short news video at the time of the incident showing the footage and describing the incident as it happens. Normally, I’d cherrypick some comments from underneath the video to post here, but they’re a little too impolite for my taste.

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