Thugs Stab Vet And Then Go After His Girlfriend, Don’t Realize Mistake Until It’s Too Late

Thugs Stab Vet And Then Go After His Girlfriend, Don’t Realize Mistake Until It’s Too Late

If you live in Chicago, you are much more likely to be murdered, raped, robbed and assaulted than anywhere else in the United States. To anyone planning a trip it would be difficult to miss the many stories of how dangerous visiting Chicago can be. 27 yr-old, Neil McCarthy London and his 26 year-old girlfriend, Carisa Lerner, made the mistake of planning a trip from Minneapolis to Chicago for a quick weekend getaway in 2015, not knowing that they would become one of these statistics.

McCarthy and his girlfriend were walking along Oak Street Beach when they were robbed and he was stabbed. When McCarthy saw the 3 men ahead walking towards them, he said he hoped they would just greet them and walk on. He said later that “I think of it now, it was a terrible plan and they were always going to rob us, no matter how nice our greetings were.”

When the attackers approached, the one holding a knife demanded his phone and wallet, which he gave them. But then he saw his girlfriend being roughed up by the third attacker, then it was over as the former member of the Royal Air Force thought he could handle all three men. He got the man off his girlfriend, but was attacked by the others – stabbed in the shoulder, punched in the face. McCarthy was able to get the knife and the three ran away. The suspects got away with his wallet and passport and Lerner’s credit cards, but she says she feared the worst as she looked at her boyfriend’s knife wound. Luckily, Police arrived moments later and medical staff bandaged McCarthy’s wound and the men were eventually caught and reprimanded. After hearing this story, would you travel to Chicago?

In January 2017, the crime rate in Chicago were so unbearable that it deemed a tweet from President Donald Trump.

Just this week, President Donald Trump met with Chicago Fraternal Order of Police President Dean Angelo to discuss policing issues. Trump reportedly asked Angelo, “What’s going on in Chicago?”

Both as a candidate and now as President, Trump has repeatedly called attention to violence in Chicago, even tweeting at one point that he would “send the feds” to Chicago to reduce the “carnage.” Do you think that Chicago is a problem that the President of the United States should deal with? If so, what actions do you think he should take?

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