Trayvon Martin’s Cellphone Had Drug and Gun Pics On It

Trayvon Martin’s Cellphone Had Drug and Gun Pics On It

The Trayvon Martin case was always one part tragedy and one part farce.

Trayvon Martin

We were told Martin was a sainted child pursued by a white racist who ignored the police, hunted Martin down and shot him to death for no reason other than because he was black. Of course, that turned out to be entirely untrue.

George Zimmerman is Hispanic, he obeyed the police when he was told to stop pursuing Martin, Martin attacked Zimmerman and from the evidence we’ve heard so far, it sounds like Zimmerman genuinely had reason to fear for his life.

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Also, we’ve known for awhile now that Martin wasn’t the innocent little kid he was portrayed as by the same press that was vilifying Zimmerman.

There’s even more proof of that now.

Attorneys for George Zimmerman have released another round of evidence that include multiple photos and texts from Trayvon Martin’s cellphone, as well as school records and videos.

Zimmerman has maintained he shot and killed the 17-year-old Martin in self-defense as the teen was attacking him near his Sanford home. He has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder charges.

Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, could use in Zimmerman’s defense several videos that were extracted from Martin’s cellphone, as well as several videos from the Miami Dade Schools Police Department and Martin’s school records.

Circuit Judge Debra Nelson allowed the defense to delve into Martin’s personal life and phone records, ruling the information could be relevant if it showed the teenager had a propensity for violence.

The photos are in sharp contrast to the ones of Martin that were released soon after his shooting death.

One of the photos shows Martin blowing smoke and others show what appear to be a marijuana plant.

There are also photos of someone holding a Glock handgun, but it’s unclear if the hand in the image is Martin’s.

Does this mean George Zimmerman is the good guy and Trayvon Martin was a bad guy who deserved to be shot?


It means that this is a sad, ambiguous case that should have never been thrust into the limelight by race hustlers looking to exploit it for media and fundraising dollars. This case will be decided in a court of law and maybe everyone should reserve judgment rather than lynching George Zimmerman first and asking questions later.

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