Trump Supporters VICIOUSLY ATTACKED in Portland, Oregon [VIDEO]

Trump Supporters VICIOUSLY ATTACKED in Portland, Oregon [VIDEO]

People have been protesting Donald Trump’s executive order banning travel from seven Muslim countries at airports around the country. It didn’t take long for Trump supporters to begin showing up to counter-protest. And in Portland, that quickly turned ugly.

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A Trump supporter was mobbed by a group of protesters. As a crowd cheered on, the man was beaten and left unconscious. As he was lying on the floor, the mob grew more vicious, screaming profanities and reveling in the crime. “That’s right!” one protester can be heard screaming. “You got knocked out!”

You can see the video here:

While it seems to be clear from the video that this was nothing more than a vicious mob going after an innocent man, some on Twitter are reporting that the man who was left unconscious started the violence:

While it’s still not clear how or why the fight started, some are pointing the finger at police for being so slow to intervene:

When will people learn that protesting does not equal violence?

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