Two Armed Car Thieves Think They Can Get Away – Then Female Victim Pulls Out Her Gun

Two Armed Car Thieves Think They Can Get Away – Then Female Victim Pulls Out Her Gun

Two men thought that they could steal a car from a woman and get away with it, but boy were they wrong.

The two suspects, Jernalen Coleman, 17, and Lasupta Singletary, 18, had arranged to meet up with the victim, Louise Ornduff, and buy a car that she was selling. Instead of just doing the deal, they decided to car-jack her at gun point. They demanded the keys to the car that Ornduff’s 18 year-old son was driving and were beginning to drive off in the car when the woman pulled out her firearm and fired a shot, hitting Singletary.

Coleman drove his friend to the hospital, where Singletary was pronounced dead.

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He has since been charged with armed robbery and second-degree murder, as he was committing a felony when Singletary was killed.

The 17 year-old had a history of criminal activity, including domestic battery, disorderly conduct, carrying a concealed, unlicensed firearm. 18 year-old Singletary had been previously convicted of burglary, armed burglary, auto theft and grand theft. Crimes like this clearly aren’t out of their wheelhouse.

The woman involved in the case is not currently commenting and has taped a sign to her door that states “No comment. Do not disturb. Thank you.”

Police are working to determine whether self-defense was necessary in the case and whether the woman was correct in firing at the young men after they were driving away in her vehicle.

“There is no speculation that she fired her weapon in the course of an armed robbery,” said Deputy Clearwater Police Chief Eric Gandy in a press conference. “The timeline is going to be critical in determining when that shot was fired and what the threat was at the point the shot was fired.”

“What they’ll be doing is looking at surveillance videos, talking to witnesses to see when the shot was fired, how far the vehicle was when the shot was fired to determine if self-defense is actually a valid defense here,” said criminal defense attorney Anthony Rickman.

I don’t blame her for firing on the men who were trying to steal her property and threatening her life as well as the life of her son. She didn’t know if they were going to lean out the window and shoot her since they had already gotten what they wanted from her and clearly viewed her life as expendable. I don’t feel bad for these two thugs.

Don’t want to get shot in self-defense? Don’t commit a crime.

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