Two Los Angeles Police Officers Shot In Targeted Attack

Remember when Sarah Palin was blamed for the shooting of Gaby Giffords because of a “crosshairs” map for those she wanted to defeat politically? When will Democrats and the police haters take responsibility for the attacks on police officers?

(UK Daily Mail) A manhunt is underway after two plain-clothes police officers were shot and wounded while driving through a South Los Angeles neighborhood in what has been described as a ‘targeted’ attack.

The officers, who have not been identified, were reportedly fired at near the intersection of 65th Street and Broadway on Sunday evening as they drove in an unmarked car.

They subsequently returned fire, causing several suspects to scatter, police said. The officers were treated at the scene for minor gunshot wounds, while a number of people were detained by police.

Now, a search has been launched for two male suspects who were allegedly involved in the shooting and are on the run. Dozens of officers, including SWAT members, were at the scene Sunday night.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, Detective Meghan Aguila said the officers are thought to have been specifically targeted in the attack, which occurred in the Florence area shortly before 5.45pm.

Does this have anything to do with the anti-police venom spewed by Liberals? Maybe. Maybe not. This could certainly have occurred due to violence and crime that happens daily in South LA. Perhaps gang, drug, or illegal alien related. But, hey, since there is no proof of any of that, why don’t we just go with the Typical Democrat Method and blame Democrats? Especially since this comes on the heals of the arrest of a Ferguson protester who supposedly admitted that he shot police officers.

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