Updated Edition of White Girl Bleed a Lot

Good thing we have YouTube. Without it, Colin Flaherty would have had a hard time documenting the ongoing epidemic of black mob violence that he describes in his excellent White Girl Bleed a Lot. The updated second edition includes QR codes throughout; scan them with your phone or tablet and they take you straight to videos that tell you what the liberal media establishment won’t: the mayhem has gotten completely out of hand.

The violence is widespread and frequent, yet Flaherty’s job wasn’t easy, because media reports will usually refuse to mention race when it does not support the liberal narrative of white oppressors and saintly blacks. That’s where video comes in. Without it, readers might not believe him when he states,

In hundreds of episodes across the country since 2010, groups of black people are roaming the streets of America, intimidating, stalking, vandalizing, stealing, shooting, stabbing, raping, and killing.

We are told the crime rate is down. But to some extent this is due to the police refusing to acknowledge that crimes took place, which is particularly likely to happen when the crimes make the liberal establishment uncomfortable — as with black mob violence.

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The media doesn’t want to talk about it. Those who bring up the issue are denounced as racist. If backed into a corner, establishment journalists will deny the epidemic is real, then offer excuses for it in the next breath. When reporting can’t be avoided, the size of mobs is downplayed by counting only those who inflict the violence, not the dozens or hundreds more who egg them on. Due to the lack of coverage, most people don’t even know the problem exists — which sets them up to become victims.

Sometimes the violence is simply random mayhem. But it often targets whites, who risk their lives by merely walking down the street — and not just in places like Chicago and Philadelphia, but in smaller towns like Des Moines and Peoria.

Flaherty knows that writing about race in this country can be treacherous, so he sticks to simple rules:

[N]o stereotypes, no generalizations, no explanations, and no apologies. Also, no causes or solutions. Just the facts.

That is, he gives us what the establishment media won’t.

One person who does not avoid explanations is James Harris of 620 WTMJ in Milwaukee, site of some of the most outlandish chaos. He calls the violence

“the perfect storm of entitlement, dependency, political correctness, and this whole idea of white guilt where we’re afraid to identify who it is that’s attacking and the reasons why they are doing it…”

Occasionally these reasons are explicitly stated, as in the case of Nkosi Thandiwe, who killed Brittney Watts and wounded two other women in Midtown Atlanta in 2011. He testified that he had been taught to hate whites in his history classes at the University of West Georgia, confirming to an assistant district attorney that he was “trying to spread the message of making white people the enemy.”

But rather than try to read minds, Flaherty leaves it up to us to figure out what is driving this alarming phenomenon, which we can only do when we have the facts the authorities have been keeping from us.

If you want to know what is really going on out there, do not fail to read this book.


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