VIDEO: Husband takes revenge on wife by filling her car with concrete

VIDEO: Husband takes revenge on wife by filling her car with concrete

A pissed off husband took his anger WAY past the breaking point when he found out his wife had done something so unforgivable as to…change her surname.

Instead of just going through the regular motions and just giving her the cold shoulder for a few days, this nameless man decided to avenge his honor by getting back at his wife after he found out that she had officially changed her surname for a supermarket promotion.

That revenge entailed filling up his wife’s whole car with a whole lot of concrete…

There were plenty of bystanders that captured the outlandish incident on camera in Russia’s St Petersburg.

The video shows the man guiding a concrete mixing lorry to put a chute through the car’s open driver’s window. He then signals the order for the lorry’s load of cement to start pouring into the car, filling the vehicle up all the way till it’s flush with the windows.

The husband reportedly acknowledged that he and his wife were going through a rough time in their relationship…

You think?

It was the whole changing of the name for the sake of winning a promotional contest a store was having. The contest meant that someone had to legally change their last name to the store’s name, which is called Veniy…Which means loyal.

The supermarket chain’s prize for doing such a thing was 50,000 RUB (£703) per month to any customers who had the guts to go through with the challenge.

The name is a bit ironic, since the wife had recently confessed to her husband that she had not actually been ‘loyal’ to their marriage…Which explains a bit more about the husband’s actions.

The husband knew that the perfect revenge for the infidelity would be to take his frustrations out on the car, since she loved the car, keeping it spotless inside and out.

Since the video has been going viral, it’s attracted a lot of comments, with one guy stating: ‘I wish I could see his wife’s face’ while another said: ‘I hope this idiot gets a fine.’

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