VIDEO: Mom Says That Toddler Tossed in Winnipeg Recycling Bin was Abandoned by Her Uncle

VIDEO: Mom Says That Toddler Tossed in Winnipeg Recycling Bin was Abandoned by Her Uncle

It’s hard to imagine what kind of person would leave a half-naked toddler outside in freezing weather to die. According to one mother, though, that is exactly what her brother did to her daughter.

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A 22-month-old girl found barely dressed and crying inside a Winnipeg recycling bin last week was allegedly tossed there by her own uncle, the child’s mother said.

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The 20-year-old woman told CTV Winnipeg she is upset and “disappointed” with her 17-year-old brother, who is facing numerous charges, including abandoning a child and causing bodily harm by criminal negligence.

Police allege the accused teen grabbed the toddler at a New Year’s Eve house party and ran outside. The teen fell on the child, injuring her, and then allegedly dumped her in the recycling bin.

The little girl was discovered by Robert Keno, a man who was kicked out of the same party after he became intoxicated and fought with the child’s other uncle.

Keno previously told CTV Winnipeg that his heart “dropped” when he opened the recycling bin and saw the crying child, wearing only a diaper and tights. The temperature at the time was about -30C.

Keno yelled for help and police soon arrived, along with paramedics.

The girl’s mother said she watched the paramedics place her child in an ambulance. The right side of the toddler’s face was scratched up, she said.

The woman said she left her daughter in the care of her younger brother after the fight between Keno and her older brother spilled outside.

“Just before everything happened, they were playing … guns in the hallway,” she said. “They were going ‘bang, bang’ to each other. They were just running around, having fun.

“I thought she would have been safe.”

Thankfully, the child has been removed from that disaster of a family, although of course the mother says that she wants the little girl back. It does seem questionable, though, to give a toddler back to a mother where she’s subjected to violent parties and family members who try to kill her in despicable ways.

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