VIDEO: Mother Charged With Drowning Her Six-Year-Old Daughter

VIDEO: Mother Charged With Drowning Her Six-Year-Old Daughter

It’s always horrifying to hear about the death of a child, but it’s especially so when that death is caused by the child’s parents. And there’s something particularly awful when a mother kills their child — perhaps because for most, the bond between mother and child is so strong that it’s impossible to understand how a mother could ever harm the baby they gave birth to. And Kayla Jones is the latest mother to cause such horror, by holding her six-year-old daughter under water in the bathtub until she died.

azaria jones

Officers were dispatched to an apartment complex on the 1500 block of Maynard Avenue East shortly after 8 a.m. Tuesday on reports of a 6-year-old who had drowned in a bathtub. When squads arrived they found a female later identified as the child’s mother standing by a fire truck. When they approached her the woman, 25-year-old Kayla Marie Jones, threw her hands up in the air as if she was surrendering. As an officer arrested Jones and put her in the back of a squad car, she noticed the suspect’s clothes were soaking wet.

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Other officers encountered a male on the scene who was crying and screaming. He told them he was Jones’ boyfriend, the two of them had a fight, and he left the apartment. When the man returned he saw Jones leaving the complex. After she told him to call 911 the man says he ran back in the apartment and found the child lifeless in the bathtub.

When questioned by investigators Jones said she had not slept in two days, and for some reason believed that her boyfriend had molested her daughter. Detectives say Jones told them she was molested as a child, and believed the same thing had happened to her child because she say her sleeping with her hand down her pants.

Jones said she was watching TV and heard “Save the child, don’t send him to his, to the monster.” At that point, she says she placed her daughter’s entire clothed body in the bathtub face down, and held the child as she thrashed and kicked. Jones allegedly told investigators she held the girl under water for “a minute or two” until she stopped moving. Jones said she knew she was drowning her daughter but couldn’t stop.

“It’s horrible and the injuries documented in the complaint, there was a struggle. This child tried to save herself. Mom fought her and held her underwater. And it’s shocking to everyone, the police, fire department, medical examiner’s office and our office. It’s shocking something like this happens to a 6 year old dependent upon a parent for protection,” said Richard Dusterhoft, who heads the criminal division for Ramsey County Attorney’s Office.

Jones later told police she put her daughter in the tub to “save her from this world.” When asked if she felt bad about what happened, Jones reportedly told her interrogator “I do, I just can’t even feel anything right now. I still can’t believe this s***, that I could do this to my own daughter.”

The worst part is knowing that little Azaria struggled — she knew what was happening to her, was aware, and imagining what must have been going through her head, probably wondering why her mother was trying to kill her, is nothing short of heartbreaking. Unfortunately, because Kayla Jones is a woman, and not a man, her sentence will probably be lighter. She’ll plead insanity, and people will believe it, and she won’t get sent to jail; whereas if a father kills his child, the insanity defense never really seems to work quite as well. We need to recognize evil when we see it, and put her away behind bars where she belongs.

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