VIDEO: The Newest Trump Ad Features Ominous Clips Depicting Bill Clinton as a Rapist

VIDEO: The Newest Trump Ad Features Ominous Clips Depicting Bill Clinton as a Rapist

So long as Hillary Clinton is going to take jabs at Donald Trump for supposedly being a misogynist, it is absolutely fair game on Hillary’s shady past in protecting her sexual predator husband. Hillary spent years mounting smear campaigns against victims of her serial abuser husband and a new ad by the Trump Campaign has shined a light on the very shady past of the Clintons.


From Mediaite:

Today on Instagram, Donald Trump quintupled down on his attacks on the past allegations of sexual misconduct directed at Bill Clinton, husband of Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. The Clintons haveresponded to the attacks recently, but this one kicks it all up a notch by using actual audio recordings of the accusers telling their stories.

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The Clintons’ current platform revolves around the frontrunner’s dedication to being a champion for women, so Trump is rounding on her for being married to an alleged abuser and rapist.

Hillary Clinton can be heard laughing as the micro-ad draws to a close. The ominous music lends itself to the idea that this is absolutely not the last that we will hear from Trump on the subject.

Take a look. Does the ad go too far? Is it fair?

Though it is not Bill Clinton running for the presidency, it is fair to discuss how Hillary was complicit in smearing women who dared to speak-up.

This campaign has been labeled the “nuts and sluts” campaign and discussing it is important to balance the political discussion in America.

Is Hillary really protecting women?

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