[VIDEO] Thug Steals Pension Right Out Of Crippled Old Woman’s Bra!

[VIDEO] Thug Steals Pension Right Out Of Crippled Old Woman’s Bra!

This guy’s a real dirtbag. 26 year-old Broyoan Lopez had the nerve to steal a 93 year-old woman’s pension money out of her bra in broad daylight. The woman is greatly relieved this scuz has been caught and it is thanks to the reporting of the New York Post. They brought this to light first and now Lopez is in custody.

He was held at the 25th Precinct, just three blocks from the Regines clothing store where he casually walked up and robbed an elderly woman in a wheelchair. Maria Vasquez obviously could not chase after him to get her money back. He was arrested Wednesday and is awaiting charges.

As he was led out, he didn’t say a word… he was bundled into an unmarked police vehicle. People had plenty of words for him though: “You’re a piece of s–t!” yelled one bystander. Another asked how he felt about robbing a 90 year-old woman in a wheelchair.


From The New York Post:

The low-life crook who was caught on camera plucking a wad of cash out of an elderly woman’s bra has been brought to justice — and the 93-year-old thanked The Post for exposing the heist.

“I feel a little more relieved now. I’ve been praying they find him and thankfully, they caught him quickly,” Maria Vasquez said Friday, just hours after 26-year-old Broyoan Lopez was arrested for the wretched robbery.

“I was hoping he would be caught,” she said. “I am thankful to all of you — especially [The Post]. You were the first ones to report this and without you they would not have found him.”

This guy is not popular with New Yorkers to say the least. It takes a real bottom dweller to do something like this. The surveillance video shows Lopez swiping the envelope with $600 out of the woman’s bra. I guess she thought it was safe there. Wonder how he knew it was there? She had been shopping for new slippers in East Harlem when this went down.

Vasquez is from the Dominican Republic and turns 94 next month. She was looking the other way when the guy stole her money. She couldn’t believe he just reached in and took it. “I was scared, I wasn’t expecting it,” she told The Post. “He reached over and startled me, yanking the envelope from the bra.”

Charges are pending.

Vasquez said that Lopez is just lucky she was under the weather that day. “If my arms were well he wouldn’t have done it,” she said. “If I wasn’t sick he would drag me outside but I would grab him and punch him.” She’s feisty. Heh. Actually, this guy is lucky the police got to him before New Yorkers did… they would have beat him within an inch of his life. I wouldn’t blame them in the least.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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