VIDEO: Victim Turns Tables On Would-Be Robbers Wielding Hammers, Who Made A MAJOR Mistake Attacking Him

This might come off as a little bit excessive, actually.

From ABC 7 NY:

On most days, a man resting in a parked car before sunrise may appear like an easy robbery target, but three suspects in Paterson, New Jersey, learned the hard way that things are not always as they seem.

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Kofi Asiad chased down one of the men he says tried to rob him, and it was all captured in exclusive video obtained by Eyewitness News.

It’s dramatic video considering the man who got hit and then punched suffered only minor injuries.

“If I was asleep, I’d probably be dead right now,” Asiad said.

The rear window of Asiad’s van is all over the parking lot of the Food Basics store in Paterson.

In the darkened parking lot, three men wielding hammers approached the van as Asiad sat inside, and one demanded money.

“I hear the rear window shatter, so I turn around to see what happened and the minute I turn my head, the Spanish guy shatters the driver’s side window,” Asiad said.

Mr. Asiad quickly started his van. Trying to get away, his car hit two of the suspects against the wall, and then he saw the third suspect running off. That’s where the video picks up.

This being where the video picks up…

That he didn’t kill these cockroaches is, frankly, a miracle. But it’s a bit amusing to think how revolting a development it was for the would-be robbers, who had to figure that surprising a driver of a van as he was sleeping with hammers ought to have elicited docile compliance and instead got them run over, beaten, kicked and de-pantsed.

Hard to have much sympathy for them, of course. You never know how your victim is going to react. Once in a while you find out you’ve stumbled on precisely the wrong guy.

That’s who Mr. Asiad was.

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