VIDEO: Woman refuses to hand over her Driver’s License to police & It Ends Badly For Her

VIDEO: Woman refuses to hand over her Driver’s License to police & It Ends Badly For Her

Despite being filmed almost a year ago, a video has recently begun making its way around the Internet that shows a woman refusing to hand over her driver’s license after she was pulled over for having a faulty tail light.

She instead engaged in the ill-advised tactic of mouthing off to the officers, who were just trying to do their jobs and let her go on her merry way. You can see from the video that she’s not a very bright woman and is clearly anti-police.

Upon being stopped, the woman demanded to know if she had committed a crime and refused to hand over the license that the officer requested, citing “People v. Battle” multiple times. (For those who are not sure, People v Battle was court decision that stated that traffic infractions are not a crime.)

Toward the end of the encounter, you can see the cop become aggravated and call for back up in dealing with the uncooperative woman. After the backup arrives, the driver is warned that if she does not open her door or roll down her window, the officer is going to break the window.

Well, she refuses.

And it turns out, the officer wasn’t bluffing.

Watch the video below:

Since this girl is fresh out of Google Law School, let me break it down for her in the easiest way I can:

The police are making sure that you have not stolen the vehicle that you are driving. They are making sure that the name on your license matches the name attached to your license plate. It’s very hard to see a tail light when you’re driving forward, so it’s 95% possible that they would have let you off with a warning to get your tail light fixed, especially because that can have severe consequences in high-speed traffic situations like highways.

Instead, she felt the need to show off her Google-fu and as a result, is likely going to jail, and rightfully so. Because the officers had to call for backup, that meant there were fewer officers to deal with actual emergencies.

It seemed awfully suspicious that she wouldn’t show her ID and then proceeded to state that the car “wasn’t her property.” Perhaps that’s why she didn’t want to hand over her license?

The bizarre part of this is that fake scream that was so obviously not real that it wasn’t anywhere near convincing. Like, why? How did that help you?

Point is, if you have a tail light out, give the officer your license so they can give you a warning and go about your way. Stop making life hard for everyone because you feel the need to be a jerk that day.

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