Vigilante ‘Justice’?: Russian Mob Beats A Man To Death…A Pedophile?! [VIDEO]

Vigilante ‘Justice’?: Russian Mob Beats A Man To Death…A Pedophile?! [VIDEO]

Pedophilia is a despicable crime against children. And this man no doubt deserved to face trial. But vigilante justice is also a crime. Fighting crime by committing crime is not excusable. Read on for the horrifying details of how it happened.

A teenage lynch mob beat and knifed a suspected paedophile to death in Russia, say police.

Three youths have been detained after a violent film of the 47-year-old-man’s beating – shot by a female friend of the alleged killers – was uploaded to the web.

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The man had arranged to meet a 13-year-old girl after telling her he wanted sex with her during a social media chat, say police.

The girl arrived for the ‘date’ with a gang of teenage friends, it was reported.

Footage shows the vigilante teens kicking and beating the alleged paedophile as he lay prostrate in long grass near Efremovo, in the Tula region.

A dozen or more males and females watch as the man pleads for mercy, blood streaming from his nose.

The spectators are seen laughing and cheering while the man is plainly in severe physical pain.

Then the group is seen walking away from the scene.

It is believed the man survived this attack but a group of youths, aged 16 and 17, met him next day on 26 July armed with a gun and knife.

The man is reported to have died because of knife wounds.

The man was reported to have had a porn video involving underage girls on his social media site.

He was reported to have invited young girls to his home and to have offered them alcohol and ‘gifts’.

It’s never okay to break the law by deciding we are someone’s judge, jury and executioner. That is not our place, no matter how heinous the crime. If we do not abide by the rule of law, we are also criminals. These young people, who thought that murder was the answer to pedophilia, may spend 15 years behind bars for their crime. It didn’t have to be that way if they had just turned him in to law enforcement instead of taking matters into their own very violent hands.

See video below, caution, disturbing footage, watch at your own risk.


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