Violent Day Of Clashes As Hamburg Is Gripped With Anti-G20 Protests

Violent Day Of Clashes As Hamburg Is Gripped With Anti-G20 Protests

Friday saw a day of violent protests in Hamburg as police tried to rein in the anti-G20 rioters. I say “rioters” because protests aren’t violent.

Arrests and injuries were caused by rising tensions, and the resulting violence trapped America’s First Lady, Melania Trump in her hotel.

This is getting out of control.

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The Guardian reported on the ridiculous scene in Germany’s second-largest city, prompted by anti-capitalist protesters who torched cars and destroyed store windows.

Masked protesters in black clothes used flares to set fire to at least 20 cars and pelted rocks at the windows of banks and smaller shops as they made their way through Altona and along the Elbchaussee road along the river at about 7.30 am on Friday morning.

Many shops and cafes in the area, including a local Ikea, boarded up their windows in anticipation of further rioting.

They also discussed Melania Trump’s inability to leave her own hotel due to the violent rioters, which means she missed and event “in the G20’s supporting programme by the protests.” The police wouldn’t give Mrs. Trump the all-clear to leave the guest house.

Despite her own situation, Melania tweeted about the protests in a very positive way.

“Thinking of those hurt in Hamburg protests. Hope everyone stay safe!”

Police forces around Germany dispatched reinforcements to help 15,000 police already deployed to the northern port city for the summit as the violence escalated.

Later on Friday afternoon Hamburg authorities spoke of 160 injured police officers and 70 arrested protesters. Organisers of Thursday’s “Welcome to Hell” march said 14 participants had ended up in hospital, three of whom were seriously injured and one claimed to be in a critical condition.

I’m loving the fact that the police are sending these violent and destructive animals to the hospital. Does that make me a bad person? I don’t know, probably. But I don’t care, either.

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