WHAT! Cybercriminals Spying On KIDS By Accessing Baby Monitors, Transmitting Noises To Scare Them!

They really don’t make too many worse people than computer hackers, and here’s proof of it

Internet hackers could spy on children through baby monitors, experts have warned.

Cybercriminals are able to access them through household networks.

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There have even been cases where they transmitted noises through the devices to scare children.

Other youngsters are at risk from hackers simply by playing with ‘smart’ toys which are internet-connected or on games on their phones.

Research from a web security firm suggests one in five children could be spied on or become the victim of hackers in their own homes.

One in ten British households could be spied on through a web cam, the company’s research found.

Three million homes – 28 per cent of UK households – own as many as ten gadgets which hackers or even corporations could access online and gather data about their families.

Burglars can also snoop on webcams, energy meters and wearable devices in order to detect a potential victim’s location, monitor peak times of use or even deactivate it without them noticing.

They also use laptops, smart phones and routers to obtain personal information, like passwords and bank details, in order to commit fraud, blackmail or identity theft.

We know there is little opportunity to effectively protect ourselves against hackers, because it’s awfully difficult to set up any system of encryption that can’t be broken by someone, somewhere. It’s just a fact of life the same way crime is a fact of life.

But just once, it would be great to hear a story of a hacker who was caught by one of his victims and severe negative consequences imposed. Hey, maybe that’s a plot idea for one of you aspiring filmmakers among our readership!

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