When They Duct Taped Her Hands, I Thought ‘No Way She Gets Out.’ With One Quick, Forceful Move… [Video]

Wow… this is a very neat survival tip. And I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it just now. Very, very interesting. No matter how tight the duct tape is on your wrists, as long as your wrists are in front of you, you can lift them over your head, bring them down with all the force you have, while pulling your hands to your sides, and voila! The duct tape rips open. And you are free. Something that could save your life and makes for a good parlor trick.

From IJReview:

A woman demonstrates an interesting tip for getting one’s hands out of being duct-taped (or ‘duck-taped’) that comes via the CIA.

It only works if the hands are duct-taped in front, so there isn’t currently a known equivalent way if they’re taped behind one’s back.

Beyond being an interesting video, hopefully the method could be of use to someone in an extremely dire situation. Let’s hope that never happens, but one never knows.

Here’s the tip, according to Sun Gazing:

You will need to place your hands above your head, then in one quick movement, swing them down and to your sides with a ton of force. The duct tape will split and you will be free!

If that tip isn’t enough, here are some more survival tips of what to do if one is being held by a criminal:

1. The initial few minutes are the best time to attempt thwarting being kidnapped or being taken hostage, particularly if there are people around.

2. If one’s hands are zip-tied behind one’s back, it is possible (if the tie is tight) to lock one’s arms and break the tie by striking downwards against one’s backside.

3. It is also possible to break out of handcuffs with a piece of wire or bobby-pin (potentially, it takes training) if one knows how to angle the wire and move it properly. (Note: Police officers know how to put handcuffs on in such a way as to prevent criminals from picking them.)

4. It is also possible to break out of handcuffs using a “shim” – a thin piece of metal. Bend at 90 degrees and slide it down into the locking mechanism, then push down to open.

Ultimately, it may take wits and patience to escape a kidnapping or hostage situation. It might even take a trick or two.

There are also tips here for getting out of zip ties and handcuffs as well. The real trick here is not to get kidnapped or taken hostage in the first place. It’s the best argument ever for a concealed carry permit and to have a gun on you at all times. Not only do you stay free and have the ability to save lives… you take care of the bad guy at the same time. I’d much rather be on the offensive than the defensive in a survival situation. Think I’ll try the duct tape thingie myself.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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