While Targeting Tea Party Groups, Lois Lerner ALSO Received $129K in Bonuses [Video]

Looks like targeting conservatives is lucrative, to say the least. Lerner was allowed to keep two thirds of that $129K. Not bad for a fascist, Obama troll. The persecution of Tea Party groups had already been going on for years when Lerner and her minions were caught with tons of emails basically admitting and planning what they did. Then they tried to claim that those computers – for a number of employees – had their backups destroyed simultaneously. No one bought it, but it didn’t make any difference. Many Tea Party groups have still not received their tax-exempt status and never will. But Lois got big bucks targeting them and outrageous bonuses for doing such a good job of it.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

Former IRS official Lois Lerner received $129,300 in bonuses between 2010 and 2013, records obtained through the Freedom of Information Act show.

Over a three-year period, Lerner, the head of the tax-exempt division at the heart of the IRS targeting scandal, received a 25 percent retention bonus—averaging $43,000 a year—on top of her regular salary.

The federal government uses retention bonuses to incentivize valuable employees who are considering retirement or private sector jobs to stay at their agencies.

Former acting IRS commissioner Steven T. Miller recommended Lerner for a $42,000 retention bonus in December 2009, when she first became eligible for retirement.

“Ms. Lerner is eligible for retirement and as an attorney with extensive experience would likely command a much greater pay and benefits if she left the Service,” Miller wrote. “Without a retention incentive she will leave the Service.”

Miller said that there was no senior official ready to take over the position if Lerner left, and that “her unique blend of specialized technical expertise, broad organizational knowledge, and leadership skills cannot be matched.”

Joseph Grant, the deputy commissioner of the tax-exempt division, approved the bonus. The second-level review of Lerner’s retention bonus was approved by Miller himself.

Both officials signed off on annual renewals for Lerner’s retention bonus in 2011 and 2012. Both officials would also later resign in connection with the targeting scandal.

In 2011 and 2012, Lerner’s retention bonuses were $43,050 and $44,250.

In November 2012, the IRS informed Lerner that her retention bonus was being suspended because her total estimated earnings for the calendar year had exceeded the aggregate limit for federal employees: $230,700.

The IRS notified Lerner in a March 10, 2013, email that it was canceling her retention bonus.

On May 10, 2013, Lerner revealed in response to a planted question during a speech at the American Bar Association that the IRS had singled out groups applying for tax-exempt status that had “tea party” or “patriot” in their names.

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration released a report on May 14, 2013, finding that the IRS “used inappropriate criteria that identified for review Tea Party and other organizations applying for tax-exempt status based upon their names or policy positions instead of indications of potential political campaign intervention.”

Miller resigned on May 15, 2013. A day later, Grant announced his retirement, effective June 3, 2013.

Lerner retired in September 2013, ensuring that she receives a full federal pension.

But at least the IRS filled out all the proper paperwork for Lerner’s retention bonus. Other agencies have been less diligent. An Environmental Protection Agency Inspector General investigation found that 11 EPA employees received nearly $500,000 in unauthorized retention bonuses between 2006 and 2013.

The EPA is even worse. They claimed that thousands of emails were destroyed as well and have ripped the system off for even more money. There is not one agency in the Obama satellite system that is not uber corrupt. Filled with the most dishonest in America, they lie, steal and harass at will, freely out in the open with the blessings of Obama. Obama has gone far and above what Nixon ever dreamed of and he’s getting away with it. If someone gets in trouble like Lerner, they simply take the 5th, retire and get shuffled where they can steal and lie some more. This will go down as the most scandalous, corrupt administration in American history. It’s not even close.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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