Wife Attacks Husband After Jealousy Takes Over At Swinger’s Party

Wife Attacks Husband After Jealousy Takes Over At Swinger’s Party

Polyamory seems to be the next frontier, now that gay marriage seems to be largely accepted. People are coming out of hiding to boast about how monogamy does not work and it’s totally fine for couples to engage in polyamory, polygamy and swinging. But in the real world, these things don’t tend to work out so well in the long run.

One woman became violently jealous at a swinger’s party and tried to run over her husband and several other people. 28 year-old Amber K. Schomaker was arrested and faces three felony charges after a 21 year-old woman reported Schomaker’s violent behavior.

Schomaker was attending a swinger party with her 33 year-old husband in Bangor Township, Michigan. Schomaker was allegedly downstairs with the female resident’s 31 year-old fiance, while Schomaker’s husband was upstairs with the female resident. But after Schomaker’s husband and the other woman came downstairs, she got bizarrely jealous.

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She is accused of slapping her husband and then ran outside while everyone else followed her. Schomaker climbed into her minivan and drove towards the group of terrified people. Both men managed to get out of the way and Schomaker then drove away. But she soon returned and allegedly attacked her husband again.

When authorities arrived, they found Schomaker trying to enter the home with a screwdriver. Her husband, meanwhile, was outside bleeding from a wound on his head. Police thought Schomaker might be under the influence of alcohol, so they gave her a breathalyzer test. Her blood alcohol level was 0.156, far higher than the legal limit of 0.08.

When Schomaker was taken into custody, she fought police and threatened to sue them. “While in intake, Amber continued to be rude and agitated toward jail staff by kicking the doors, yelling and taking her clothes off,” a deputy wrote. She was charged with three felony counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, one count of domestic violence and one count of driving while intoxicated. Her bond was set at $35,000.

People reacted with both shock and humor to the bizarre situation.

“Somewhere in New York, Bill Clinton is logged onto Google Maps trying to locate Bangor Township,” one person joked. “And Anthony Weiner is asking to ride shotgun, just in case Amber has a teenage daughter,” another added. Another commenter snarked, “A swingers party in a town called Bangor. You can’t make this up.”

“Hell hath no fury like a woman who shows up at a swinger’s party in a minivan,” another person wrote. “I wonder how many stick figure partner stickers were on the rear window.”

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