WILD VIDEO: Off-duty cop shoots two gunmen dead while clutching his BABY boy in the other hand

WILD VIDEO: Off-duty cop shoots two gunmen dead while clutching his BABY boy in the other hand

Nothing is sacred anymore, not even an innocent trip to the pharmacy. You always have to be on guard wherever you go, especially in Brazil, where this event took place.

CCTV captured the moment an off-duty officer realized that the pharmacy he was visiting with his wife and son was being robbed by two masked thugs, and exactly how he handled the situation. It was nothing short of something you might see in an action flick.

Sergeant Rafael Souza entered Bifarma to buy some medicine on Saturday when some armed robbers came in and tried to hold the place up. Knowing that the lives of his family were in danger, he took matters into his own hands and didn’t wait for uniformed officers to show up.

One of the men, later identified as 24 year-old Jefferson Alves, aimed a gun at Souza who identified himself as an officer. When that didn’t deter the man from lowering his weapon, the Sergeant reacted, shooting him at point-blank range while still holding his baby boy in one hand. His wife, cowering among the shelves, reached out for the child before Souza pursued the other suspect.

You can watch the dramatic video below:

This is a really good reason for everyone to be armed and have the proper training necessary to protect themselves and the people around them in the event of something like this taking place. Incidents like these are not isolated to places like Brazil. It could happen at the gas station around the corner from your house, while you’re trying to get a tank of gas. Nobody wants to be in a situation like that and if you have the ability to protect yourself and the innocents in the area, why wouldn’t you want to take it?

Of course not everyone is going to be clutching a baby while they’re defending themselves and not every encounter like this has to end in someone dying, but as soon as he named himself as an officer to the assailant, one of two things were going to happen. The man was either going to surrender himself, having realized that he picked the wrong pharmacy to rob on that day, or he was going to kill the man. The cop reacted in a way that showed his training as well as his instincts as a father and a husband. If he doesn’t receive a medal for what he did, I will be thoroughly surprised.

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