A woman is charged with killing son, granddaughter in Oxford (Video)

What kind of grandmother slashes her son’s throat and bashes in her granddaughter’s head in her crib? That baby was 7 months old. Such evil and insanity is just incomprehensible. And dig this, she did it over a dispute concerning the purchase of a baby’s car seat – or at least that was part of it. Her son, Daryne, was only 29. Little Charley will never learn to talk, or smile again… she’ll never walk, ride a bike or grow up. Mommy used a box cutter on her son. Not sure what she used on the baby. What a monster. She should be executed immediately. No sanitarium, no mercy. She planned all this by the way.

Sylvia Maria Majewska, left, Daryne Gailey and daughter Charley.

From MyFoxDetroit.com:

OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. (WJBK) – The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office announced Monday that a grandmother was arraigned for the murder of her son and 7-month-old granddaughter.

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Sylvia Marie Majewska was arraigned Monday for the double murder of Daryne Gailey and his daughter, 7-month-old Charley. 29-year-old Gailey was found with his throat slashed and Charley had trauma to her head.

The sheriff’s office was called to the Oxford home on Kintyre Drive Nov. 23. Once inside, deputies said they found both bodies. The Sheriff’s office said a box cutter was found Daryne and Charley’s bodies and believed that was the murder weapon.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said that Majewska formulated a plot to kill her son and granddaughter.

“There was a plan, amd the plan had a conclusion that wasn’t good,” he said. “We certainly have information that she was an angry woman, a controlling woman.”

Gailey was found with his throat slashed, his daughter Charley was in her crib, killed from a blow to the head.

“We have recovered some information, both notes and documents that gives us insights as to what her reasons were,” Bouchard said. “Certainly not reasons anyone could either accept or understand.”

Bouchard said police found notes and computer files implicating Majewska, citing the recent purchase of a car seat as part of the evidence.

“The car seat was purchased, there is a receipt in the car seat, it can be returned, $60,” he said.

Bouchard would not address other evidence but said it all added up to the same thing.

“For whatever reason she came to the conclusion the son and the child would be better off if they weren’t alive,” Bouchard said. “Sadly.”

Majewska was arraigned in her hospital bed where she is recovering from self-inflicted wounds. She faces two counts of pre-meditated murder.

Sylvia Maria Majewska was a control freak and an anger case. The hell-bitch tried to kill herself, but failed. So, now she is in a hospital bed facing two counts of premeditated murder. She says she believes that her son and granddaughter were better off dead. I see a very warm welcome for her in Hades when she does kick off from this world. She took abuse to its extreme conclusion. I weep for her son and grandbaby. Taken too soon and by a murderous mother and grandmother who should have had nothing but love for them. Justice here cannot be swift or harsh enough. She deserves nothing less than the death penalty.

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