Woman convicted of starving 12-year-old boy down to 40 pounds in a cupboard

Woman convicted of starving 12-year-old boy down to 40 pounds in a cupboard

These people are evil. Pure evil.


A Florida woman has been found guilty of locking her boyfriend’s son in a cupboard and starving him and could now face up to 120 years behind bars.

Sharon Glass, 49, from Brevard, was found guilty on eight counts of aggravated child abuse on Friday after four days on trial.

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She and her boyfriend Michael Marshall, 40, were arrested in 2012 after police found Marshall’s 12-year-old son lying on the bathroom floor weighing just 40 pounds.

…On Friday Glass told the court that she hadn’t noticed the boy was emaciated because he was always wearing baggy jumpers.

She also claimed she had nothing to do with disciplining the boy, who was regularly locked in a cupboard and tied to a bed post.

She said she wanted to leave the relationship with Marshall, but that during the four years she dated him he threatened to kill her several times.

Marshall is currently in jail awaiting trial on similar charges.

During the trial the boy, now 14, described being starved nearly to death and locked in both a closet and a bathroom for days on end by his father and his father’s girlfriend.

Looking far healthier than he did when he was rescued two years ago weighing just 40 pounds, the boy testified at Sharon Glass’ child abuse trial Wednesday, softly recounting his time with the woman, who he first met in 2009 when he was in the third grade and she was dating his dad, Michael Marshall.

Giving short answers to the prosecutor’s questions, he said Glass quickly moved into their home in Titusville, Florida and he began to call her ‘mom.’ But he soon started getting in trouble, beginning with the time Glass accused him of stealing an iPod, he told the court.

According to clickorlando.com, he testified he didn’t take the gadget, but was later accused of stealing other things, and was severely punished for taking fruit off a tree and hiding food.

‘I was constantly locked up,’ the boy, who hasn’t been identified, said.

He said he would escape when he was put in his room, leading Glass to threaten to leave Marshall if he didn’t lock the boy up.

So the father did. The boy, without shedding a tear or changing his tone of voice, told the court they put him in a closet and secured the door with a bungee cord and a desk.

….Numerous holidays passed when he was locked away, including Valentines Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. Later, he was locked in a bathroom after his father zip-tied him to the post of a bunk bed for three days and he chewed through the ropes to escape.

But he said on Christmas day in 2011 he was let out of the bathroom to watch other children who lived in the house open gifts. He was then put back inside with a stocking full of coal.

‘I just cried,’ he recounted.

…Making the case all the more horrific is the fact that teachers at the child’s school first reported his injuries to authorities some 17 months before he was eventually rescued.

Distraught teachers at South Lake Elementary School said they repeatedly called the Department for Children and Families to try to get help for the boy, then aged 12. The abuse started while he was a pupil at the school.

…We tried, and we tried, and we begged,’ said Ronda Rochon, the boy’s teacher at the school he attended for third, fourth and fifth grade.

‘I honestly thought the next call that I got about him was that he would be dead.’

Glass’s ex-husband, Tony Glass, said he called DCF 12 times, concerned that his three children who lived with their mother were often dirty and had head lice.

‘I called them so many times because of my concerns with the kids, they told me to stop calling,’ he said.

‘If you’re told by DCF to stop calling, what else can you do? Who else can you call?’

The last time the department looked into the complaints was 2010 when they decided there was not enough evidence to justify removing the boy from his father.

‘There is a difference between reporting child abuse and reporting concern and being able to remove a child from their home,’ DCF spokeswoman Carrie Hoeppner told MailOnline.

The Department of Children and Families can give any excuse it wants, but removing a 12 year old child with lice who looks like he’s been in a Nazi concentration camp isn’t a tough call. So obviously, DCF authorities just didn’t care enough to do anything. Did they even bother to visit or did they just leave the child to starve in a cupboard?

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