Woman Who Cut Unborn Child Out Of Mother’s Womb Received THIS Sentence [VIDEO]

Woman Who Cut Unborn Child Out Of Mother’s Womb Received THIS Sentence [VIDEO]

Last year, I wrote about Michelle Wilkins, who had her baby cut from her womb by a deranged woman named Dynel Lane. A judge has just handed down a 100-year sentence to Lane in Colorado. If I remember the case right, Wilkins was selling some baby clothes on Craigslist and this woman pretended to be pregnant and came by to buy the clothes. She chatted with Wilkins and then out of the blue attacked her. She dragged Wilkins into the bedroom and stabbed her. Then she cut the baby from her womb. The baby later died. Lane was sentenced to 48 years for attempted murder, 32 years for unlawful termination of a pregnancy and the remainder was for assault. Insanely, she wasn’t charged with the murder of a baby who was in the third trimester. She got off too easy as far as I’m concerned.

Unborn Baby Stolen

From the Daily Mail:

A Colorado woman who cut a baby from a stranger’s womb has been sentenced to 100 years in prison.

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Judge Maria Berkenkotter said the harshest sentences for the most serious charges were justified by the brutality of the 2015 attack, described as performing a cesarean with a kitchen knife.

Berkenkotter also said the victim, Michelle Wilkins, as well as her family and the community needed Dynel Lane, 36, to express remorse.
Lane murmured a ‘no’ when the judge asked if she wanted to speak.

Judge Maria Berkenkotter wanted Lane to show remorse, but the woman refused to speak at the February conviction or sentencing phase. However, she did weep at her sentencing. I don’t know how they even found the woman mentally competent to stand trial. The jurors did not get to hear that in 2002, Lane’s 19 month-old son drowned in what investigators ruled was an accident. Prosecutors said they were unable to charge Lane with murdering Wilkins’ unborn girl because a coroner found no evidence the fetus lived outside the womb. But that baby was alive inside its mother – to me that is murder. This woman should be put to death for what she did… mental or not. Wilkins testified they chatted for about an hour before Lane hit, pushed and tried to choke her, then used two kitchen knives to cut the baby from her womb. When Lane’s husband came home early from work that day to meet Lane for a doctor’s appointment, he said he found the fetus in a bathtub and drove the child and Lane to a hospital, where she begged staff to save her baby. Lane said nothing to him about Wilkins, who was unconscious at her home. Wilkins regained consciousness and called police. Just sheer evil.

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