Woman Pretends to be a Man to Get Female Friend to Have Sex With Her – How She Did It is NUTS!

Woman Pretends to be a Man to Get Female Friend to Have Sex With Her – How She Did It is NUTS!

When most people think of rape, they typically think of a man attacking a woman and brutally violating her — but rape can come in many forms. And one woman has just been found guilty of rape in the most bizarre manner.

27 year-old Gayle Newland got it into her mind that she wanted to sleep with her female friend, a student at the University of Chester. So she created a male persona named “Kyle Fortune” and used that persona to romance her friend online.

Eventually, the two “met” in person… except Newland had her friend wear a blindfold whenever they met and Newland would wear a prosthetic penis. The victim told the court that the two of them would go on drives together, go tanning and watch movies, and she would always wear the blindfold. Eventually, the two had sex, with the victim still having no clue that Newland was behind the entire charade. “This was a highly elaborate deception where Newland abused the trust that the victim had in her. She has been extremely upset by what happened and there is no doubt that there will be a lasting psychological impact on her,” Gareth Yates of the Cheshire Police said.

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The victim said that if she had known Newland was a woman, she would not have had sex with her.

A psychiatrist diagnosed Newland with gender dysphoria, Asperger syndrome, mild autism, eating disorders, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and depression, but it didn’t sway the court. Newland was still sentenced to seven years in prison. Originally, she was sentenced to eight years in prison in 2015, but was freed after an appeal. A retrial found her guilty again, of fraud and three counts of sexual assault via penetration. Newland reportedly cried and wailed, stamping her feet and crying out “no” when the sentence was delivered.

Do you think the sentence was harsh enough?

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