Would-Be Robber Gets Shot Dead By Undercover Cop in Venezuela

Would-Be Robber Gets Shot Dead By Undercover Cop in Venezuela

There’s karma and then there’s instant karma, which tends to be the most beautiful. This robber picked the wrong person from whom to demand money.


From The Daily Mail:

This is the shocking moment an undercover police officer shot dead a man who was trying to rob him.

The policeman was stood in a queue in a bank when the robber approached him from the side.

The officer handed over the valuables by dropping them on the floor, and as the robber bent down to gather his loot, the man pulled the gun from his trousers and blasted the would-be thief at point-blank range.

Footage of the incident which happened in the Los Jarales shopping mall in the city of San Diego, in northern Venezuela’s State of Carabobo, was then released by police in a report about the killing.

According to investigators, two suspicious men had been seen outside the building on a motorbike.

One of them stayed there as a getaway driver to wait for the other who was about to try and commit a robbery.

After selecting his target, he pulled out the gun demanding the cash and the golden chain from plainclothes police officer William Ferreire.

The incident was over so quickly that many people did not realise a robbery was even taking place until they heard the sound of gunfire, and started running or cowering on the floor.

The attacker died instantly and police are hunting his accomplice who fled when he heard the bullets.

Let this be a warning to idiots at home and abroad; you never realize you robbed the wrong person until it’s too late.

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