You Won’t Believe Why Eric Garner’s Teenage Son Was Just Arrested…

You Won’t Believe Why Eric Garner’s Teenage Son Was Just Arrested…

The 16-year-old son of Eric Garner, the man who died in police custody last year, was arrested in Manhattan Tuesday for being in possession of a stolen Citi Bike. This wouldn’t be a big deal, of course, unless you take into account that he is Eric Garner’s child:


Emery Snipes was pulled over by police inside a playground at Hudson and Gansevoort streets in Greenwich Village after he was spotted going the wrong way along Eighth Avenue on his rental bike at around 7.30pm.

The teenager was accompanied by three friends, all of whom were also riding Citi Bikes.

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The officers asked Snipes to show them a receipt for the Citi Bike is rented, but he could not produce one.

When officers checked the serial number on the vehicle, they discovered that Snipes’ bike was reported stolen.
The 16-year-old was taken into custody and charged with criminal possession of stolen property. He was also cited for being in the park after hours and riding his bike against the flow of traffic.

Snipes was arraigned Tuesday night and ordered to perform one day of community service.

According to officials, if Snipes does not commit any additional offenses in the next six months, the charges against him will be dropped.

Emery’s mother, however, was less lenient with the teen.

Esaw Garner told the New York Daily News Emery has been grounded and stripped off is phone privileges indefinitely.

Eric Garner’s widow said her son told her he didn’t know the bike was stolen and was not aware he was not allowed to be in the park after dark.

‘If this was just a regular teenager this wouldn’t be a thing, but because he’s Eric Garner’s son, it is,’ she told the New York Post.

Mrs. Garner described her son as being ‘nonchalant’ about the bike incident, but she said he didn’t like being locked up in a smelly jail cell.

To teach him a lesson, Esaw Garner said she didn’t let him use the shower or eat right away after he came home from jail.

Pretty much the same punishment I would give one of my hooligans if they dared act so outrageously. Good job, Mom. Too bad that this kid hasn’t gotten the message that the law is to be respected, no matter where you live – or whose child you are.

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