200 Students Brawl at Pennsylvania High School… Four Police Officers Injured [Video]

200 Students Brawl at Pennsylvania High School… Four Police Officers Injured [Video]

Yesterday in Allentown, Pennsylvania, outside of a high school, 200 students gathered to duke it out. When the cops got there, one of the female officers was thrown to the ground, punched and kicked. The students literally turned on the cops. Three kids have been arrested, but I think they are looking for others. Most stood there and cheered like a bunch of heathens. These hoodlums were yelling profanities at the officers and circling them like a pack of wolves. Two of the officers are seriously injured. All of them will recover. This is just way out of bounds.

Officer Beaten

From Gateway Pundit:

This still image from a video shows a female cop on the ground, being attacked by a student. [See above]

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Police in Allentown, PA responded to a fight outside a high school on Thursday involving up to 200 students.

Four of the cops were injured, including a female officer who was surrounded and attacked on the ground by at least one student. You can see the video below.

A local Patch reporter has more:

Police Officers Attacked By Students During Brawl Outside Pa. School

Four police officers were injured, including a female officer who was taken to the ground, after responding to a 200-person brawl outside a Pennsylvania high school Thursday.

According to reports, the officers were injured as they responded to a fight around 3 p.m. near Allen High School in Allentown.

Violent video of the brawl and the attack on the officers was posted to Facebook. Authorities say three students have been arrested so far, the Morning Call reported.

When police responded to the fight, which had spilled out to the streets, the students began targeting the officers, the video shows. The video shows a female officer pushed to the ground and attacked by a student.

Here’s the video. Warning: Graphic language

The Allentown Morning Call has more:

School district working with police to identify Allentown teens involved in brawl with officers

The Allentown School District is working with city police Friday morning to help identify some of the youths involved in a melee after school Thursday that injured four Allentown police officers, a school spokeswoman said.

Allentown police said three youths were arrested Thursday afternoon as police broke up a series of fights involving dozens of teens east of Allen High School. District spokeswoman Kim Golden Benner said she is unaware of any additional arrests Friday morning.

As many as 200 youths gathered about 3 p.m. at intersections two to five blocks from the school, most of them watching while several others threw punches, police Assistant Chief Bill Lake said.

“The large groups split up into several different groups,” Lake said. “Officers found themselves responding to several areas.” As officers tried to pull the fighters apart, some of the boys and girls turned on the officers, he said.

The video was uploaded to Facebook where it spread. It looks like this was the student who made the video:

Officer Beaten1

They are using the term ‘youths’ just like they do with the radical extremists in Europe. How nice. This is savage behavior on the part of these students. No one seems to be complaining about how those officers were treated. To their credit, they didn’t hurt anyone, although I wouldn’t have blamed them in the least if they had. No word yet on what these miscreants will be charged with. Officers are going after others as I write this. Some people are saying this isn’t a surprise. It should be and I wonder if the parents of these children realize what they are up to. The lack of integrity and morality here is staggering. These students are almost feral. We are losing the culture war here in America and this is a great example of that.

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