3 boys filmed in horror attack on woman before taking her keys to rob her apartment [Video]

In de Blasio’s Marxist hellhole, what do you expect these days? Crime is off the charts and thugs figure anything goes. I absolutely believe these three diverse, degenerate teens raped the woman and then went to rob her apartment. They were caught on video entering the building where she lives – they ran when they found someone else at home. These boys are not very bright either… their faces were fully visible to the security cameras as they entered. They pulled their hats and hoodies up like that would disguise them. Delinquent morons. What I don’t understand is why the woman was out so early and what the circumstances of them meeting her were. Did they follow her to the park? That was probably the case. The rape ensued by all three of them. They then stole her keys, credit cards, phone and her ID. She’s lucky she’s alive.

Eric Pek, Emanuel Burrows and Sanat Asliev were all arrested after allegedly
raping a 33-year-old woman early Monday morning and using her keys to access her apartment (pictured).

From the Daily Mail:

Three teenagers have been arrested after an alleged string of crimes that includes raping a woman, stealing her keys and robbing her apartment.

The 16-year-old boys from Brooklyn were in Manhattan early Monday morning when they met an unidentified 33-year-old woman at an Internet cafe in the Chinatown neighborhood.

Police say that teens Eric Pek and Emanuel Burrows are suspected of raping the woman at a nearby park after meeting her around 5am, and that their friend Sanat Asliev also allegedly sexually assaulted her.

After the assault the boys are said to have stolen her ID, phone, bank cards and keys.

They were seen on surveillance video at 5.11am pulling up their hoods as they entered into the victim’s building, though they ran out after finding out someone else was in the apartment, according to CBS New York.

The boys, who live at a group home called Boys Town, were identified after interviews with people at the Internet cafe.

All three were charged as adults.

The woman, who had bruises on her arms and legs, was in stable condition at a hospital as reported Tuesday.

She was apparently ‘incoherent’ in the aftermath of the attack, according to the New York Times.

Pek, who was described as a ‘good kid’ by those who knew him, has been arrested six times on charges such as petty larceny and trespassing, DNA Info reported.

He is charged with rape, robbery, assault, burglary, grand larceny and petit larceny.

Burrows had previously been arrested 11 times.

He is charged with rape, robbery, assault, burglary, grand larceny and attempted petit larceny.

Asliev is charged with attempted rape, assault and attempted burglary.

Yeah, such ‘nice,’ ‘good’ boys. All of them have been criminals for a long time. They just got together to form a pack. They hunted this woman down and attacked her. Hopefully, since they are charged as adults, all of them will go away for a long time. Unless of course, Van Jones and de Blasio get their way and the criminals are released. It’s the commie thing to do these days. Murder, rape and theft have skyrocketed all over the country because of the persecution of police and Marxist/racist policies being implemented. There is no better example than New York where murders are up 15% and in some stellar neighborhoods, crime is up by 500%. Central Park has had a record number of muggings this month. Knowing all this, who in their right mind would remain in New York? Let alone got out by themselves, or even out at all. The country is becoming a war zone with packs of animals roaming the streets.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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