A Child Prodigy Under the Welfare State

Critics of socialism say it reduces life to pointless futility, since there is nothing to work toward in a world where anything you create will be stolen by looters and handed over to parasites explicitly because they don’t deserve it. But there is still a path upward for the ambitious, even for wards of the nanny state. An example from once great Britain:

A schoolgirl who posed aged 12 for controversial bikini pictures in a magazine is now pregnant at 15 — to the joy of her mum.

The shots of Soya Keaveney outraged parents, who blasted mum Janis for fuelling the youngster’s obsession with a modelling career.

But now that dream is on hold after Soya got pregnant by a 17-year-old boyfriend who is allowed by Janis to stay overnight at the family home.

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Jobless single mum Janis, 48, said she was delighted because the council will now have to give her a bigger house.

Liberal social engineers want to fundamentally transform our culture. In Britain their work is almost done.

Soya Keaveney following the path do-gooder social engineers have laid out for her. Via Mail Online.

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