A Denny’s Manager Leaves a ‘Sick and Twisted’ Note at the End of an Ailing Woman’s Bill

No way would I accept Denny’s apology – period. I’d take the refund and never go there again. In fact, after seeing that, the only thing keeping me from swearing off Denny’s period is the fact that it is a franchise and this occurred in the uber Progressive state of Minnesota. But you can bet the “diversity training” schtick is franchise wide. That manager should be fired and seriously? Calling the woman and excusing himself by saying he was just joking with the waitress? He insulted her age and her health condition and a refund, free meal and lame apology just doesn’t cut it. I’ve worked for Denny’s out west when I was younger and if that had happened then and there, he would have had his ass fired on the spot. Just disgraceful.

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From IJReview:

Most people go to Denny’s for a plate of eggs, not to get insulted on the receipt.

However, that is just what happened to a woman who visited a Denny’s franchise located in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

Sarah Saba’s mother Gail recently underwent several surgeries on her esophagus, making it difficult for her to swallow. According to a Facebook post by the younger Saba, Gail went to Denny’s for a bit of normalcy — but the staff decided to have a bit of fun at her expense.

Sarah described the experience:

“As you all know my mom has had a few surgeries recently on her esophagus. She has trouble eating, swallowing and even keeping things down,” she wrote.

“She chokes when she eats and eating any meal is a process for her. To have a little normalcy in her day, she went to Denny’s in Brooklyn Park, to try to eat on Monday afternoon.”

“This is what the Manager, yes the Manager wrote on her bill!”

Here’s the receipt in question:

Image Credit: Facebook

As Sarah explained, the note said:

“Add $15.00 for Life Alert Button”

Sarah was devastated:

“I cannot begin to describe the disgust and the rage I am feeling. I’m so very sorry mom!!”

It wasn’t even the waitress who wrote the offending message. It was the Denny’s location’s longtime manager, Bob Quigley.

Sarah Saba spoke with The Daily Meal and expounded on the situation:

“My mom is sick and hasn’t eaten in five weeks. My sister has to blend her food. When she finally got the clear from her doctors to eat, she chose Denny’s, and that’s how she was treated?”

In Quigley’s defense, he did call the family to apologize, but his excuse didn’t sit well with them, either. Caroline Speikers, the woman’s sister, noted that Quigley said he was “just” joking around with the waitress when he wrote the insensitive note:

“Either he’s mocking someone who is ill and disabled, or he’s totally comfortable discriminating against someone’s age,” she said.

“He has a sick and twisted sense of humor, and should not be allowed around customers.”

Quigley has not been fired. He was, however, sent to sensitivity training. The restaurant offered the family a free meal and a refund.

This poor woman was already struggling with surgeries and a serious health condition. She just wanted to have a nice, quiet meal and feel semi-normal again. I can relate. This insensitive jerk of a manager spoiled it for her and he doesn’t even have the common decency to regret it. Wow… the lack of brain power shown by writing the insult on the actual receipt and the callousness that it entailed is staggering. Everyone gets older and everyone has health challenges – someday that manager’s time will come and he will experience firsthand what it’s like to have to cope with life changes. Instead of excellent service and a good meal, Gail was treated to insults and an experience that will probably ruin one of life’s little joys for her permanently. Denny’s can stuff their diversity training – do the right thing and can this guy.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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