Addressing the Menace of Neo-Nazi Furries

Addressing the Menace of Neo-Nazi Furries

What could be more indicative of soft tyranny than the emergence of neo-Nazi furries?

Furries are eccentrics who dress up like stuffed animals and gather at conventions, largely to satisfy a bizarre sexual fetish. They were previously thought to be harmless kooks. However…

It appears [the] subculture, which has long been associated with gay and left-wing beliefs, is now being infiltrated by right-wing extremists known as “alt-furries”. …

The emergence of the alt-furries has been troubling for the culture, which prides itself on being inclusive to those with niche gender identities and odd social quirks.

Apparently dressing up like a Nazi fox does not qualify as an odd social quirk.

Alt-furries have been threatened with violence and banned from furry conventions so as “to make sure the attendees felt safe.”

What started as the promotion of satirical policies such as a ban on “species mixing”, soon became much more serious as the white supremacist agenda started to creep into real world furry events.

Demonstrating just how serious, someone calling herself KKKutie has stopped dressing up like an animal and apparently devotes herself to pro-Caucasian thoughts after having been corrupted by alt-furries.

A Furry of Color calling herself Deo the Tasmanian Devil is among those who believe that racists have been recruiting among the furry community.

“[White supremacists] use these nerd groups because it’s prime picking grounds,” she said. “They’re full of bitter, sad, lonely people.”

No doubt.

Lest you think the Nazi connection is a hyperbole, Newsweek reports that one furry actually wrote an erotic novel entitled The Furred Reich, “about a young Nazi officer’s encounter with an anthropomorphic female snow leopard.”

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