ALERT: Obama Makes Terrifying Move in Oregon

ALERT: Obama Makes Terrifying Move in Oregon

I have supported the Hammonds from the beginning in Oregon. Their rights are being horrendously violated. I believe the militia and patriots helping them mean well, but I don’t believe occupying a federal building and having a standoff with the feds is the way to go. It can’t end well and could bring the government down on all of us. Having said that, the Hammonds are not terrorists. I believe they set fires on their land in the normal course of ranching and to stop encroaching wild fires from burning up their feed and stock. However, I am not so charitable towards the BLM. They have been setting uncontrolled fires out there… fires that have burned cows alive and actively destroyed land. If the ranchers try and do anything to stop the fires, they are threatened with arrest. That’s tyranny pure and simple. It’s vintage Obama and the BLM.

Oregon Fire

From the Conservative Tribune:

This July, the federal government sentenced Dwight and Steven Hammond to five years in jail, calling them “arsonal terrorists” for executing a controlled burn on federal land adjacent to their ranch in Oregon.

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Just days later, President Barack Obama’s Bureau of Land Management was allegedly recorded doing an uncontrolled burn at nearby Prince Glenn, Oregon, burning cows alive. To make things worse, even though there was no supervision for most of the burn, the BLM threatened ranchers with arrest if they interfered or put out the fire.

This gruesome reality is what the Obama administration is doing as a form of revenge, thanks to the anti-rancher sentiment in the federal government, according to a video posted to YouTube in early December by Nevada rancher Ammon Bundy.

Ammon Bundy is claiming it is anti-rancher sentiment on the part of the feds and I’m sure that is correct. The BLM is out of control and the lands in these states need to be taken away from the feds and given back to the states. The government doesn’t care who gets hurt and whose lives are destroyed over this. They have all but declared war against ranchers and are seizing their land every time they get a chance. For instance, the video states that most controlled burns are done in the late fall. However, this one was done in July, when most of the cows would be grazing on the grass. This makes it significantly more dangerous, given the fact that there is more foliage and a lot more cattle in the area. The Hammonds received lengthy prison terms for minor fires, but the BLM sets major ones in retaliation and there are no consequences for it. This whole thuggish behavior by the feds needs to be stopped and the BLM should be disbanded.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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