ALERT: If You See a Coin Jammed in Your Car Like This, Take Action ASAP – Here’s Why

ALERT: If You See a Coin Jammed in Your Car Like This, Take Action ASAP – Here’s Why

Thieves are always coming up with alternative means of committing crimes. That’s what they do. Evidently, there is a new trick for gaining access to your car. Thieves jam a quarter or penny into your car door. If you don’t notice it, nothing happens. That is until you get home and use the lock button on your car key. Most people would figure the car would just lock, but it doesn’t. When you go inside, that is when the thief gains access to your car and everything in it. I guess you should check your car carefully in the morning before leaving for work and when you get home before going in for the night to see if there is anything amiss.


From Qpolitical:

Before you get in your car on the way to work you’re going to need to check your door very carefully.

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There’s a new trend among thieves that can easily be missed.

Thieves are becoming more brazen and are now using a very sneaky and easy-to-miss method of breaking into your car.

The coin is slid into the door handle of the passenger side. So, that is where you should check first. There have been reports that the thieves even wait in the back of the car ready to jack you when you get in. They may also follow you when you drive away to gain access after you park. I had no idea this was occurring, but I will check our cars for this from now on. It pays to notice the little things and this is a good tip to keep you from getting robbed or worse.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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