ALERT: If You See a Red Light on Someone’s Porch, Here’s What It Means…

ALERT: If You See a Red Light on Someone’s Porch, Here’s What It Means…

There’s a town where porches are lit up in red. There’s a sad reason behind these red porch lights; it’s rather bittersweet. If you see one…this is what it means…


From AWM:

When the Kansas City Fire Department lost two of their own, the local community came together in solidarity to show their respects for the firefighters who put their lives on the line every day.

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October 12 was the deadliest day in KCFD history in the more than 25 years. Larry Leggio and John Mesh, two veteran firemen, died while fighting a fire in a large apartment building when the second floor collapsed.

The two deceased men were not the only causalities during the fire fight – two men were hospitalized and two other were injured from fiery projectiles.

Leggio, the son of a firefighter, leaves behind his wife and mother. Mesh, who also comes from a family of firefighters, is survived by his wife and four daughters.

“It’s devastating,” said Teresa Brown, who lost everything in her second-floor apartment. “My mind’s been concentrating on those firefighters.”
The local neighborhood has shown their support by printing hats with a new logo designed to honor the fallen heroes. They also turned to social media and created a fundraiser to help.

Now people are turning their porch lights red to honor the fallen men.
“We want to show the families that they have a whole community behind them. That they’re not alone in this, and then also just to show everyone else that we appreciate what they do,” said Kelsey Jantsch, a firefighter’s fiancee.

Prayers to the families affected by this loss… God Bless our first responders.

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