An animal shelter swaps pricey pooches with dogs that are rescued off the street… and unsuspecting customers are shocked to find out they are free to adopt [Video]

‘Better than buying a life is saving one’. That is so true. I always adopt a pet when I go to get one – breeding means little to nothing to me. What matters is that connection with a kitten or puppy. A connection that is sooo easy to form because there is nothing there but love. This is a brilliant move on the part of that animal shelter in Brazil. Swapping the pets out and showing people that for free they can adopt a new member of their family. Love doesn’t cost a dime and taking care of a pet in exchange for the love and devotion they show you is priceless.

From the Daily Mail:

An animal shelter in Brazil found the perfect way to show rescued dogs in a positive light in a bid to get them adopted.

Associacao Quatro Patinhas, which translates into Association Four Paws, swapped dogs available for sale in a pet shop with unwanted dogs that were rescued from the streets.

The experiment was staged to change people’s perceptions of rescue animals and prove that they are as loving as any other dog and in fact, in more need of a home.

Many families tend to bypass animals shelters in Brazil and as a result they are overcrowded and underfunded places.

Setting up hidden cameras around the shop, the film crew capture the moment a number of people came in and asked about the price of a puppy.

The reactions range from shock to confusion, and every person involved questions the shopkeeper and cannot believe it when he tells them that the animal is free.

Christianne Duarte Garoiu, the president and founder of Associacao Quatro Patinhas, said: ‘The shelters are usually in bad conditions.

‘Animals die of diseases and maltreatment or due to overcrowding.

‘Some people abandon animals in shelters thinking they’ll get adopted and receive proper care. But they usually end up dying from many diseases and depression.

‘People still pay a lot of money buying animals in pet shops.’

He added: ‘But there are many other pets that would bring them so much love for all their lives and people don’t need to spend a cent for it.’

Christianne said it doesn’t matter whether a dog is pure bred or not, and all that matters is its owner’s connection with it.

The video concludes with a message that reads: ‘Better than buying a life is saving one’.

People spend vast amounts on buying pets and caring for them. Animal shelters can be unfriendly places where they are taken to basically die. Here in America, most shelters are clean, safe havens for pets, but pets are still euthanized if they are not claimed or adopted. Think of the joy of so many children and families if they were given a pet for free. Sure, they would have to pay to feed and care for the pet, but nothing brings joy and peace to someone as a pet does. They comfort you when no one else can or will. I understand why people were shocked that the pets were free… but I hope all of them took one or two home to love and play with. If you save a pet, they may just save you back some day.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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