Another Rape Hoax: U. Minnesota Student Who Claimed Dorm Rape At Knifepoint Lied

Well, look at that… another liberal student crying rape on campus. She lied about the whole incident, but cops, professors and caseworkers are saying that it is now “a student crisis intervention case.” What the heck is that? Do you mean she’s nuts? Or did she have sex consensually and then cry rape? They treat her as if she isn’t a stone cold liar, but instead a victim of a victimless, non-existent crime. Sounds to me like she needs a stint in the booby hatch or needs to join ‘Liars Anonymous.’ This is why these cases are becoming more prevalent. The authorities are perpetuating them by excusing those who cry wolf, er… rape. What about the innocent men who are accused or the lives that are ruined? Who intervenes for them? What bull crap.

From The Daily Caller:

Yet another rape allegation on an American college campus has fallen completely apart.

The campus in this instance is the University of Minnesota — Twin Cities.

Last weekend, an 18-year-old student at the school had told campus police that two young men who were complete strangers raped her at knifepoint in her fourth-floor dorm room.

After a resulting criminal probe, police have now concluded the woman in lying.

“After further investigation, the University of Minnesota police department is no longer investigating the report of a sexual assault in Sanford Hall as a stranger sexual assault,” school officials said in a Wednesday statement obtained by the Star Tribune, the big Twin Cities newspaper.

The case is no longer a sexual assault case, school officials explained. Instead, it’s “a student crisis intervention case.”

The freshman student is now deemed “in crisis” and needs “professional assistance,” a university police spokesman suggested on Thursday.

The University of Minnesota will not say if the unidentified student has changed her story. That information falls under confidentiality laws, officials insist.

“Our priority right now is on providing the support to this student that she needs,” police department supervisor Pam Wheelock told the Star Tribune.

Another University of Minnesota official, Katie Eichele of the Aurora Center, “a safe and confidential space” for victims of sexual assault, suggested that no one should judge the unidentified student who made the armed rape allegations police don’t believe.

“The victim-survivor is the most important person in all of this, and supporting what it is they’re going through and what they may want in the process,” Eichele told the newspaper.

On Tuesday, the Star Tribune breathlessly reported the student’s allegations of a dorm room rape at knifepoint by two men in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

School spokesman Tim Busse said campus police were looking for two men who may be students who had found their way to the student’s fourth-floor hallway inside her 500-student, coeducational residence hall.

The nonexistent attackers — who looked between 18 and 21 years old — “walked her back to her room” and sexually assaulted her under the threat of a weapon, the freshman had claimed.


Campus rape hoaxes are common across America. The most famous one of recent vintage is disgraced Rolling Stone reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s wildly inaccurate article, “A Rape On Campus.”

Other twisted, totally false and astonishing rape hoaxes have been proffered over the years by female college students. In each case, the cruel hoaxes were initially accepted as true. In some cases, real lives were ruined.

One wonders why this young, female adult was not arrested and charged for filing a false report. Why isn’t she being expelled for unbecoming behavior of a student? She must have figured if it worked for Lena Dunham and the Rolling Stone crowd, it would buy her attention and fame. A commenter called her an ‘attention whore.’ I think that about covers it. Her name should be publicized and she should be made to feel ashamed for this, which she isn’t, I’m sure. Maybe this is to cover something else up or to get her out of exams, or who knows what this moonbat was plotting. To call her a ‘victim-survivor’ is ridiculous in the extreme… the only person who victimized her was herself. The Progressives are now into shielding the criminal and getting them through whatever atrocity they commit. I don’t give a damn what she wants, she needs to be exposed for the liar she is and showcased as an example of behaving badly and unethically. Jail time would be a perk as well.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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