ANOTHER Terrorist Attack Rocks the Globe

ANOTHER Terrorist Attack Rocks the Globe

At the Leytonstone Subway Station, a terrorist went on a stabbing spree with a knife and slit a bystander’s throat, while yelling “This is for Syria!” The victim will live and this is definitely being viewed as terrorism. The man has been taken into custody. One victim is in critical condition and another is wounded. The attacker was tasered by police to take him down. He dropped the knife after hitting the ground and being tasered a second time. He may have been tasered up to six times. I wonder if he was on Captagon? That’s the favored drug of ISIS. A defiant bystander is then heard yelling out ‘You ain’t no Muslim bruv.’ Well, he’s certainly a radical Islamic terrorist. That’s for sure. That statement went viral on social media in the wake of the attack. It was bloody and brutal.


From The Political Insider:

In the East London subway station of Leytonstone, a large, strong man who was thought to be Somalian or Sudanese began waving a knife, shouting “This is for Syria,” and then attacked and stabbed passengers on the subway platform.

Eyewitnesses on the platform reported the man shouted, “All of your blood will be spilled” with an Arabic accent during the attack.


The attacker is said to have knifed two people during his rampage on the subway platform. There were conflicting reports that the man had been injured. Bystanders threw bottles at the attacker to distract him and put him on the defensive. During the encounter, bystanders can be heard yelling at the attacker to ‘put down the knife, fool,’ and another yelling at him, “You ain’t no Muslim bruv!” which has become a hit on social media.


The saying: “You ain’t no Muslim bruv!” is being touted as a great insult against radical extremists who kill in the name of religion.



Scotland Yard described the event as a terrorist attack. Scotland Yard’s head of Counter Terrorism unit, Commander Richard Walton, said, “We are treating this as a terrorist incident. I would urge the public to remain calm but alert and vigilant.”

“I would like to thank everyone who has so far provided information to officers and to the Anti-Terrorist Hotline following this unprovoked violent knife attack last evening at Leytonstone Underground Station.”

The attacker was 29 years-old. We still don’t have a name, but if they know how old he is, they surely know who he is. And as I have said multiple times, they don’t need guns to kill. Knives work and so do explosives. Scotland Yard has now confirmed anti-terror police are investigating after eyewitnesses claimed they could hear the man shout ‘this is for Syria’ and ‘all of your blood will be spilled’ during the frightening ordeal. The standoff occurred around 7 pm and left one man, aged 56, with serious wounds, while one other suffered minor injuries. Terrified children and their parents ran for cover as the primary victim was left on the floor of the ticket hall lying in a large pool of blood. After reportedly slashing his victim’s throat, the man allegedly threatened several other passengers before being confronted by the unarmed police officers. When he was ordered to drop the knife, he instead lunged at the police officers. No charges have been filed yet. According to an eyewitness, the victim, seen carrying a guitar, was stabbed after being punched unconscious and repeatedly kicked in the frenzied attack. A witness said, “The attacker was Somalian or Sudanese and talking in an Arabian accent. He was a strong man. He was punching like a boxer. He was a very powerful strong man. He was angry for some reason.” The stabbing was the first Jihadist attack in London since the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in May of 2013. It certainly won’t be the last. People should up their situational awareness and be uber vigilant everywhere.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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