Archie Comics Succumb to Moonbattery

There aren’t many corners of our culture that haven’t yet been corrupted by moonbattery. Now even Archie comics — which have been around since the Depression — promote normalizing homosexual depravity.

In a move that is generating a lot of buzz on the Web, the publishers of Archie Comics recently announced that they are bringing in an openly gay character, Kevin Keller, starting with the September issue.

What’s the plot? According to CNN, new-guy Kevin beats Jughead in a burger-eating contest. For whatever reason, this act of intestinal fortitude impresses the raven-haired Veronica. She begins to pursue Kevin, who, for obvious reasons, isn’t interested. Kevin must find ways to deflect her affection without being mean, but Veronica, used to winning, doesn’t give up easily. Hilarity ensues, until Kevin finally confides in Jughead that he is gay. … And don’t look for Kevin to show up for just a few issues and then never be heard from again. The New York Times reports that Kevin is more than a one-off character. There are future stories already mapped out.

Good thing Leave It to Beaver went off the air. By now the show would be advancing “inclusiveness” by having Ward Cleaver molest the paper boy while dressed in women’s clothes.


On a tip from Muddypaw. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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