Army Vet Makes the Transformation from Mom to ISIS Fighter

This is a woman with more stones than most men. She saw the Kurds being slaughtered and went to fight the barbarians of ISIS. Now that’s a warrior. She’s a beautiful woman who is only 25, with three young children at home – but she was called to fight the Islamic State and the Caliphate. She cried all the way to the airport. It’s doubly hard on her since she is divorced, but she couldn’t live with herself if she didn’t help those who are being abandoned by the world to the monstrous atrocities committed by the Islamists. The children will stay with her sister as she fights a war that anyone who is able to should be fighting now. Bless her for her bravery, sacrifice and for having the moral clarity to do what is right.

From IJReview:

Meet Samantha Johnston.

The U.S. Army vet was compelled to act when she saw the people of Kurdistan fighting to keep ISIS out of their home.

The 25-year-old mom hails from North Carolina and served in the Army as a geospatial engineer.


In April, she went to Kurdistan to help because:

‘…I felt like it was my duty … These children here who are homeless, orphaned; mothers and sisters have been raped and sold, fathers who have been killed … They are suffering, and I knew that I couldn’t just sit and do nothing. I couldn’t look my children in the eyes and say, I didn’t do anything to help.’

Samantha says she can’t talk about her whereabouts and activities for security reasons.

Image Credit: Facebook


She’s become a ‘social media star’ among the Kurds in Iraq, encouraging them as they fight for their homeland.

Image Credit: Facebook


Based on her Facebook posts, she’s engaged in getting medical help to people.


And delivering supplies to refugee children.


Samantha said ‘she cried on the way to the airport’ and after two weeks wanted to ‘fly back to my babies’ but says she has ‘a purpose and a goal.’ She posted this ‘Mom’ pin around Mother’s Day:

Image Credit: Facebook


She’s got fans around the world:

When she gets back home, Samantha hopes to start an organization to help the Kurds.


Samantha is not the only American who has now gone over to fight alongside the Kurds. And she won’t be the last. This is a fight we are beginning to experience here in the US and it will be brutal. She must know that if she is caught by the enemy, her death will be far worse than a man’s. That is their way. She can’t wait to get back to her little ones – but the fight comes first. God speed Samantha… may you come home in one piece to your loving family. It is not only the Kurds that need help, there is now a Christian genocide taking place across the globe. All Christians, regardless of age, financial status or health will be drawn into this fight one way or the other – either at home or abroad. It is the fight of our generation and we need many more warriors like Samantha to win the day.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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