The Audio Of The Shots That Killed Michael Brown Is Released [Video]

Honestly, the release of the audio on the shots and the police requesting backup doesn’t add much to the debate if you ask me. It doesn’t even clarify the context without the visual evidence. They are what you would expect after reviewing the evidence in this case. This is another way for the media to keep it in the headlines and keep things stirred up. If it bleeds, it leads.

From Young Conservatives:

Audio recordings of the shots fired that killed Michael Brown–the same ones heard by the grand jury–have been released, along with tapes featuring police asking for help with “crowd control.”

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From Daily Mail:

Chilling audio recordings heard by the Ferguson grand jury have been released, revealing the shots that killed Michael Brown and the police scrambling for back up as the unarmed teen lay dead in the street.

The recordings are part of a second evidence dump promised as part of Prosecutor Bill McCulloch’s controversial decision to publicly release Grand Jury evidence without a judge’s sanction and while Federal and Department of Justice investigations into the shooting remain ongoing.

After the dispatcher puts out a call for ‘any available Ferguson units,’ the officer on the ground renews his request with increased urgency: ‘We’re going to need crowd control over here.’

While the sound of the gun shots might be haunting, it’s important to remember much of the evidence in this situation points to Officer Darren Wilson firing in self-defense, and the way shots were fired, it definitely sounds like someone was in a state of panic.

Hearing this audio gives us a small window into the events that transpired on August 9th, and gives a bit of context to the whole ordeal in Ferguson ever since.

Let’s hope one day the country can move forward from this incident and have genuine, real discussions about both race and the proper use of deadly force by police without resorting to emotionalism and false cries of injustice.

As long as bits and snippets are being selectively released from the testimony to the Grand Jury, this whole case (which should have been cut and dried in favor of Officer Wilson) will keep returning to the headlines and the 24-hour news feed out there. This is merely chum for journalistic sharks. The race baiters have a whole country and thousands of incidents to choose from that they can spin in their favor, regardless of the facts or right and wrong. This is evidence to be sure… but an audio of shootings in Chicago on any given day or night would be more enlightening.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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