Barack Obama: Civilian Task Force To Improve Policing With ‘Communities Of Color’

Barack Obama: Civilian Task Force To Improve Policing With ‘Communities Of Color’

Yeah, this should work really well. It has disaster written all over it from top to bottom. Obama has formed a task force for community policing. It’s sure to be racist, biased and Marxist as all get-out. That’s all we need is a bunch more of his so-called ‘community organizers.’ Obama now wants all police to wear body cams, which I don’t have an issue with. But he also wants to massively reduce those who are incarcerated by letting stone-cold criminals go free. Especially if they are of color or are illegal immigrants. This is also part of his move to federalize local police departments. This task force is nothing better than a bunch of government sanctioned snitches who will report on those who don’t follow Obama’s diktats. Of course he wants to share data and information nationally… it makes it easier to track Americans and punish those that run afoul of his agenda, while simultaneously letting those who are the actual criminals run free.

Communities of Color

From Weasel Zippers:

Obama has a need for more community organizers.

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Via Washington Examiner

President Obama discussed initiatives he’s put in place to change the tense dynamic between “many communities of color” and the police on the one year anniversary of teenager Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson, Mo.

“I convened a task force on community policing to find commonsense steps that can help us drive down crime and build up trust and cooperation between communities and police, who put their lives on the line every single day to help keep us safe. And I’ve met personally with rank and file officers to hear their ideas,” said Obama in his weekly address.

Obama said that since May, this task force has made 59 recommendations on “everything from how we can make better use of data and technology, to how we train police officers, to how law enforcement engages with our schools. And we’ve been working with communities across America to put these ideas into action.”

“Dozens of police departments are now sharing more data with the public, including on citations, stops and searches, and shootings involving law enforcement,” Obama said. “We’ve brought together leaders from across the country to explore alternatives to incarceration. The Justice Department has begun pilot programs to help police use body cameras and collect data on the use of force.”

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For one thing, there’s not enough funding for all of this nonsense. For another, it will not bring the community and police closer together. It will turn them on one another even more. And when Obama speaks about reforming a criminal justice system that too often is a pipeline from inadequate schools to overcrowded jails, wreaking havoc on communities and families all across the country, he’s actually saying that he wants to ‘change’ how criminals are penalized and empty the prisons. If you think that won’t wreak havoc on communities, then you are delusional. In his vague and confusing rhetoric, Obama is pushing fascism. This whole deal smells no matter how many flowery words Obama buries it in.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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