Barber dad gives unique haircut to bad children to shame them [Video]

I love this! It is a perfect form of discipline. But you can probably time it on an egg timer for the ‘abuse police’ to start screaming that this is some kind of emotional abuse. Puhleeze! Far less painful than a spanking and lasts longer. These boys will think twice before misbehaving at home. I love the name of the haircut: the “George Jefferson,” the “Benjamin Button,” and the “Old Man” haircut. Just priceless. If I lived anywhere near this father, he would have my family’s business. It’s better than wearing a sign – it makes a bald, I mean, bold statement.



It can be tough handling a child who won’t stop acting up, but one Snellville barber says he has a solution.

For just a few dollars you can “shame” your child into acting right with an embarrassing haircut.

Owner and barber Russell Frederick is getting national attention for his unique method of disciplining unruly kids. It’s been dubbed the “George Jefferson,” “Benjamin Button,” and the “Old Man” haircut.

Frederick’s own 12-year-old son was the first to sport the look after getting into trouble last fall.

Last week, a boy’s mom came in requesting the same cut for her unruly son. Frederick posted the child’s before and after photos on his Instagram page and the national media caught wind.

Now, his phone is ringing off the hook!

Frederick has taken some heat from critics who feel this form of public humiliation is akin to emotional abuse, but most people support him.

While some have made light of the cut, the barber says it’s a serious option for parents when kids are cutting up.

I can just imagine parents lining up and the phone ringing non-stop for this barber. It’s a brilliant marketing idea as well. Bad hair cuts, for bad little boys… it has a certain je ne sais quoi to it. Well worth the price and it will be a lesson well learned. I fully support this barber dad. He has given one more option to parents with unruly children and he’s a capitalist. What’s not to love!

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