Baring It All for the Prophet: Semi-Naked Feminists Storm the Stage for Muslims [Video]

Baring It All for the Prophet: Semi-Naked Feminists Storm the Stage for Muslims [Video]

Darn tootin’! It’s about time someone did that. I’m no fan of whack job feminists, but I’m willing to make an exception in this case. Two topless feminists decided to bare it all for Allah and make a statement at a Muslim conference in France by jumping up on stage and declaring they will not submit. Good for them. As the devout turned their eyes away while surreptitiously peeking at the spectacle out of the corner of their eyes, the women shouted their protests. Most of the security guards just stood there in awe. One however jumped up with other men who acted enraged, but probably had other motives as well, to force the women off the stage. They say the incident ended ‘violently.’ I’ll bet.

Im My Own Prophet

From Breitbart:

Two topless feminists have stormed the stage at a Muslim conference in France. The activists, from hard-line feminist outfit Femen jumped on stage, with “Nobody makes me submit” scrawled across their bare chests. The most prominent protester shouted, “Nobody makes me submit, me nobody owns me, I’m my own prophet!” before being dragged and kicked off the stage by angered Muslims.

The video, below, shows the incident that took place at the Muslim Salon in Pontoise, France, a town just outside of Paris, which ended “violently” according to one eyewitness.

The activists stormed the stage, leading to two embarrassed looking Muslim men shuffling off stage smirking while clearly trying to get an eye-full, before more violent men took to the stage to shove them over, eventually kicking the women off the side of the stage.

Femen protesters are best known for their targeting of Christian iconography and representatives, such as the desecration of crucifixes in St. Peter’s Square, or baring their chests in churches.

The group was founded in Ukraine in 2008, but has since become a Europe-wide phenomenon.

In 2013 the group burned the ISIS flag in front of the Great Mosque in Paris.


These feminists are equal opportunity offenders of all faiths, but this one has special significance as the penalty for that little display is death. They also burned an ISIS flag in 2013 in front of the Great Mosque in Paris. Fearless and poking the Islamic badger – they are a select few doing so. Notice how many men it took to remove two women. This will go viral – the meme of ‘Boobies, not Burqas’ has already made the rounds. Millions of men are now cheering these women on. They were feisty as they were drug off, I’ll give them that. These men certainly aren’t used to women behaving so aggressively or blatantly – they are not nearly submissive enough. “Nobody makes me submit!” indeed. I can relate.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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