Be Prepared…Here’s How To Make Your OWN Spare Key In An Emergency, WITHOUT A Locksmith!

Be Prepared…Here’s How To Make Your OWN Spare Key In An Emergency, WITHOUT A Locksmith!

Well, this is interesting. The first video shows how you can make a duplicate key out of the lid from a tin can. You have to cut it just right and I think that would be a major challenge for most of us. Then it is very thin, so it would be easy to bend or break it. It might work in an emergency, but maybe not. The second one is very cool. It is a free app on your phone that scans the image of your key and stores it for you. You can also store a copy at Lowe’s. With your thumb print, you can access it and get a copy of your key through an automated kiosk. It’s much cheaper than a locksmith and a lot quicker. Brilliant!


From TellMeNow:

We all need spare keys so we don’t get locked out. But, if you need one quickly or need some extras and just don’t want to spend the money for duplicates, YouTuber DaveHax shows you how to make spare keys at home in the video below.

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There is another way to cut down on emergency locksmith visits. The app in the video below will help you get a replacement key, saving you a lot of money.

I don’t think I’ve ever lost a key, but I have had friends and business associates that make it a regular habit. They just can’t hold on to one. These two items would really help them. Many things anymore are going to digital locks, so keys, like so many things, are beginning to phase themselves out. I love these two videos and I would pass them around. It seems you always need to replace a key when it is too late, on a weekend or on a holiday, so in a pinch that first video would be a lifesaver. The second would be too and it’s a brilliant idea by Lowe’s. I think I’ll try the Key Me app – hopefully it is out on Android now. Never lose a key again without a backup!

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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