Berlin is Rocked as Anti-Immigration Protests EXPLODE in Germany Calling Merkel a Traitor [Video]

Berlin is Rocked as Anti-Immigration Protests EXPLODE in Germany Calling Merkel a Traitor [Video]

Putin’s puppet Merkel is destroying Germany and Europe on purpose. She was raised a communist and is still one to this day. She belonged to the Communist “German Free Youth.” She is all for bringing in radical Islamists and changing the demographic of Germany. Somehow the elitists believe that committing sovereign suicide will repopulate their countries and line their pockets with taxes. They also believe it will usher in a one world totalitarian government with a world religion where they can control the masses. That religion looks to be a strange mix of climate change and Islam. 5,000 protesters showed up in Berlin and the movement is exploding in Germany and across Europe. People are scared and angry. They want their borders closed and these people out of their countries.


From Breitbart:

The anti-mass migration Alternativ für Deutschland (AfD) party held a rally in the German capital Berlin this afternoon, demanding the resignation of Chancellor Angela Merkel and calling for the country to adopt a strong policy on immigration.

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The AfD has seen its popularity surge as Germany struggles to deal with the huge influx of migrants, and is currently campaigning in local elections in the Saxony-Anhalt region that will be seen as an indicator of public sentiment on the issue.

German paper Handelsblatt estimates that 5,000 people joined the rally this afternoon, calling for the immediate closure of Germany’s borders and introduction of Visa requirements from migrants from the Balkan states, including Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Angry demonstrators chanted “Merkel must go” and “traitor to the people” under the banner “Asylum has its limits – red card for Merkel”.

Addressing the crowd, Beatrix von Storch, member of the European Parliament, accused the German chancellor of causing “asylum chaos” in Germany.

Although the main protest was largely peaceful, several counter-protests by pro-migrant activists descended into violence, with around 40 arrests. Around 800 counter-demonstrators showed up, far lower than organisers had hoped.

Yesterday, it was reported that the German government had agreed to downgrade the status of Syrian migrants, reducing the amount of time they could stay in the country and banning them from bringing their families. Today, however, the government did a U-turn on the plans.

The pro-migrant activists were primarily the ones getting their violence on during the protest. Some protesters clashed with the police and were hauled away. I especially like the pictures of them dragging off an elderly woman. Saudi Arabia has financed more than 200 mosques in Germany in preparation for the Hijrah migration. The invasion and conquest of Europe is in full swing. Furious Germans condemned Merkel, waving German flags and red soccer cards, while chanting ‘Merkel must go’ and ‘Traitor to the people’. Germany will see up to 1 million refugees this year. Many more pics here.


















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