Big Government Comes Out of the Closet at Federal LGBT Youth Summit

Once again our rulers confirm that encouraging homosexuality is a major aspect of the liberal agenda:

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius spoke at the first “Federal LGBT Youth Summit” on Monday after being introduced by a homosexual on her staff, who said the secretary “gets us” and is “tireless” in her support of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender youth.

“Your federal government has finally come out of the closet in support of LGBT youth,” said Pam Hyde, HHS administrator for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services.

“It’s great to see so many young faces out there, all gay and proud,” Hyde said.

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Sebelius congratulated the teens and 20-somethings for attending the summit and said the goal of the summit was to “really tackle the issues facing the LGBT youth in our country.”

It’s odd that the Secretary of Health and Human Services would promote grotesque activities that play a major role in the spread of horrific and extremely expensive diseases, prominently including AIDS. But don’t worry, HHS didn’t sponsor the event — the Department of Education did.

“I want to tell you, you have a friend in this administration, who will stand beside you each and every step along the way,” Sebelius said.

The administration standing beside its friends at the expense of the rest of us entails employing the entire federal behemoth.

Sebelius went on to say a federal interagency taskforce is partnering the Departments of Health and Human Services, Education, Agriculture, Defense, Interior and Justice to come up with strategies and programs to fight bullying.

“Bullying” in liberal euphemismese means putting up resistance to the militant homosexual agenda. Sibelius also promised that ObamaCare will provide special favors to those who bring their health problems on themselves through politically approved unnatural sex acts.

Although your tax dollar paid for these activities, some were too outrageous to leave open to scrutiny even at this point in the game:

The two-day summit includes a wide range of “break-out” sessions that were not open to the media, despite the summit being sponsored by the Department of Education.

These sessions must have been truly appalling, considering that even what the press was allowed to see was hardly subtle regarding the government’s purpose:

The summit packet distributed at the event included photos by Rachelle Lee Smith, a gay activist who also displayed her poster/photos at the invitation of Jennings, Smith told

The posters feature homosexual young people with messages about their sexual behavior.

In one of Smith’s photographs, a person named “Michael” says: “So what do you think? Ever been black before? Ever been gay? Ever been both? Try it!”

Meanwhile, despite the best efforts of the government–media complex and the impression it has been able to create, homosexuals continue to comprise a tiny percentage of the population. But our rulers are working hard to change that by using your tax dollar to aggressively promote this morbid subculture of depravity, degeneracy, and disease to impressionable kids.

Where your tax dollars go while the country goes broke.

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