Black Cop Pulls Over White Guy – What Happens Next Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

Black Cop Pulls Over White Guy – What Happens Next Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

This just blew me away. Mike Powers was driving through Mississippi when he was pulled over by an officer for speeding. He got a ticket. Then he asked the cop how he and his family were holding up under all of the stress of what was happening to police across the nation. At first, the officer was candid about them doing the best they can. Then he admitted it was scary out there. They are just trying to do their jobs and keep people safe. For that, they are targeted and sometimes killed. Damned right it’s scary. Mike gave the cop a bracelet with Jesus on it and Christian symbols, saying that he hoped it would bring him some protection and comfort. It will, but it also brought tears to his eyes. Mine too.

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From Allen West:

Every once in awhile, we need a little reminder that this world isn’t actually tearing to pieces and everyone isn’t filled with hate and rage.

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I don’t know Mike Powers, but he has over 10,000 followers on Facebook. This particular post was shared 658,466 times. I can see why. Here is Mike’s story from September 2nd.

Driving through Mississippi this morning I got pulled over for speeding. A huge black cop got out of the car. Mr. Olympia walked up and asked for my license and insurance. He came back, informed me I was speeding and handed me my ticket.

As he started to walk away I asked him how he’s handling everything and how the cops are feeling in Mississippi with all of the senseless killings this week throughout the country. He said “things are tough, but we’re hanging in there and just trying to do the right thing and keep people safe…but it’s scary.”

I told him “just so you know, a lot of people are standing with you all and respect the risks you take every day to keep us safe.” I took my bracelet off and told him that I give these out to my family, friends, and military members who might need extra protection and that I hope it will keep him safe.

He took the bracelet, put it on, and his eyes started to tear up. I saw how much pain and stress this man and his family were probably under. I teared up too. As he walked away he said “this means more than you can imagine.” I came to find out my ticket was voided… so I’ll be donating the money to the “Palmer Home for Children” charity in Mississippi.

Two grown ass men, of different color, careers, upbringing, and journeys, who had never met before, sitting on the side of the road in Mississippi tearing up over how confusing and hate filled the world has become…shocked by random acts of kindness…realizing we aren’t alone in a world where evil tries to divide us every chance it gets.

Not much more to add to this except, AMEN.

Amen is right. I wish I could reach out and somehow help ensure that every officer out there was protected. I can’t, but I can say a prayer for them. America has suddenly become a dark and evil place of late. But there are kind people out there and police officers should know that there are millions of us who love and appreciate them. I have lost friends that were officers and I know they put on a brave face. But they are just like us and they fear for their families, their fellow officers and themselves. Because honestly, you just don’t know where the next hit will come from. They are putting their lives on the line now every day they get up and go to work. For little pay and a lot of hatred. Evil will not divide us. Next time you see an officer, show them that you appreciate them. They risk their lives for us, it’s the least we can do. I love the bracelet idea.

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