Black Lives Matter Idiots To Shut Down Vikings Opener To Protest “White Supremacy”

Black Lives Matter Idiots To Shut Down Vikings Opener To Protest “White Supremacy”

This whole Black Lives Matter thing is simply becoming irritating.  If they want to shut down a Vikings game and they announced it already then just arrest them and lets move on.  It is amazing to me that blacks would want to disrupt an event that brings in money.  Well I guess an increase to the economy is not a part of their agenda.


The St. Paul, Minnesota “Black Lives Matter” group has announced plans to shut down the light rail ahead of the Minnesota Vikings home opener Sunday against the Detroit Lions, Fox 9 News reports.

According to Fox 9, the protest is in retaliation to an Aug. 31 incident in which Metro Transit police officers beat 17-year-old Marcus Abrams.

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“Sunday September 20th is the Minnesota Vikings’ home opener, big money day, so what better day to shut the light rail down and disrupt business as usual,” the group said in a press release, according to WCCO.

“Enough is enough of business as usual! We must bring an end to white supremacy and the status quo.” The demonstration will show support for Abrams, “and all of the other children who live with autism and fight against the injustices that continue to plague black women, men, and children.”

I have not come across one black person that agrees with this whole #BlackLivesMatter thing.  It is like finding black people that actually agree with black lives matter is as difficult as finding a black conservative.  Who are these people?

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